Deb Amy Bends When The Wind Blows. Or At Least She Tries.

windEven though it has been seventy degrees around here, someone keeps telling me it’s the middle of summer. And since my son, who’s twenty-one, is away doing an internship, and my daughter is eighteen and getting ready for college and spending the summer watching TV and going out for ice cream, there’s no bedtime, no wake-up time and no schedule for anyone but me.

But I remember the days when even on break, I was constantly interrupted, where it seemed like nothing I needed to do could ever get done.

When I got on the treadmill, my daughter called to be picked up.  When I sat down to write, a parade of teenagers emerged.  When I was inspired to finish an essay I remember I said I’d make dinner (Cheerios anyone?) and when I wanted to spend the day cleaning up a few pitches and rewriting a chapter, I realized the rain had passed, the wind was still, and that might be the day to trek to a mall 45 minutes away for a promised shopping trip with my daughter.

These were all good interruptions, if you know what I mean.  It’s not serious stuff, yet it still reminded me to bend when the wind blows, take things as they come, see the good in the bad, embrace unexpected opportunities.

Now, it’s the time of making opportunities. And while it’s not unwelcome, it is difficult. When my daughter went to kindergarten it was the first time she was gone all day. It was the first time since becoming a parent, a stay-home mom at the time, that I was alone from about 8:30 to 3:30. My son was in second grade. They went to the same school.  And for three weeks I walked around the house wondering what I was supposed to do all day. (For the record, I started scrapbooking.)

This just reminds me that good and bad, easy and difficult, come in different packages for different people. Now I have lots of time to myself like I did way back when.  Now I have lots to do, plenty of time to do it, and sometimes I still walk around wondering where the scrapbooking supplies have gone.

I’m not a real music gal (or music video gal), but this has been one of my personal anthems for ten years. Since I am a word gal, that’s what matters most to me. So forgive the video, and listen.