Deb Amy Flips For Friday! Ten Things You Might Not Know About The Glass Wives!

Little Girl Doing HandstandI’m flipping the post! It’s Friday and I’m feeling a little crazy! So here are ten things YOU might not know about The Glass Wives!

1. THE GLASS WIVES was the fourth title for the novel, and I thought of it just about a month before the book went out on submission to editors!

2. My agent suggested I cut about one hundred pages from the end of the book. I spent about a year integrating many of those scenes and ideas into the beginning and middle of the book.  The end of the book used to be about the 2/3 mark.

3. Evie was the first name I thought of for the main character. Then I changed it to Tracy, then back again. It was always Evie’s story to me.

4. Evie’s off-the-page boss at Third Coast Gifts, Millie, is named for my grandmothers, Mollie and Mildred. And until the final edits, the gift shop was named Millie’s.

5. I have no memory of learning Yiddish, I don’t think my grandmothers spoke it regularly, yet I was able to easily integrate Yiddish words into the book without doing much research (except to double check meanings). I must have been a immigrant Jewish grandmother in another life.

6. The character of Sandy was inspired by a real person. He has no idea, but someone who knew him asked me if it was him. (Not really, only sort of) I haven’t talked to this man in ten years and haven’t seen him in over twenty years. So those resurrecting those memories was, of course, all in the name of research. Yup. That’s it. I am dedicated to my craft.

7. A deleted scene involved Evie throwing up. I know, I know. High five to me!

8. I really did sit Shiva for my ex-husband in a house with a Christmas tree, but I have no idea what it looked like because I never went anywhere near it. I was kind of preoccupied.

9.  Before I finished writing the novel, I once set the manuscript aside for six months.

10. I have no idea what happens after THE END, and I don’t want to contemplate it or write a sequel. To me, Evie and her friends and family are cleaning up from a Passover Seder in perpetuity!

Anything you want to know about THE GLASS WIVES? Which of these ten things surprises you most? 

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  1. Amy, yet another thing we have in common! People ask, will there be a sequel? And I think, how would that be even possible? Those characters haven’t said a word to me since they found out I was taking their life story public.

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