Deb Amy Improves Her Home (And Her Psyche) By Turning Her Son’s Bedroom Into A Writing Retreat

It’s home improvement week here at The Debutante Ball and it started me thinking all the things that need to be improved upon in my house. There are dated bathrooms (mauve toilet, anyone?) and drafty windows. There are some cracks in the paint, and cabinet hardware from the 70s. That’s not to mean my house isn’t wonderful, because it is. But, these improvements are not on my mental or wallet to-do list.

But this was:

When you have a kid who’s off at college, and you’re writing and editing and revising in his old bedroom, there’s no more perfect project than changing a bedroom into a writing room.

So that’s that I did.

We  started with a very sporty and Indiana University bedroom (perfect for a teenage boy and his dogs, I must say).

bedroom Collage.jpg




We (meaning, I) took everything off the walls (7,000 posters, pictures, baseball plaques, and other assorted memorabilia) and filled in those 7,000 (no exaggeration) holes.



After after much longer than anticipated and giving in and hiring a painter, I had this:




And suddenly, the mauve toilet doesn’t matter much anymore.

What’s the one thing in your house you wish you could change? Mine is definitely the mauve toilet. Did I mention the matching jumbo tub and sinks? Didn’t think so. I tend to leave those out.

3 Replies to “Deb Amy Improves Her Home (And Her Psyche) By Turning Her Son’s Bedroom Into A Writing Retreat”

  1. Lovely. This project is so on my agenda. Just as soon as they get out, lol. At the end of the summer, when the nest is truly empty, I’m picking a space and making it mine.

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! What a great idea, turning the room into a writing retreat. That photo of everything covered in a tarp cracks me up. Been there.

    As for what I’d change…our staircase is treacherous. My mother-in-law comments on it at least 20 times every time she visits. The stairs were built in ’66 and aren’t up to code, so the rise/run ration is off, and at the top they are crazy steep. I wish we could fix them, but when I priced out what it would cost to redo a staircase, it was…I can’t even talk about it. Insane. Never gonna happen. Which means I’m stuck with the damn thing until we move, whenever that may be.

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