10 Replies to “Deb Eleanor’s Words to Live By”

  1. We’re leaving the bathroom doors open. Sounds silly- but Bella (10) puts things in the toilet and flushes. And then we have to plunge and snake – man you should see me wield a snake. If there were a toilet snake fetish I’d be a star. Down down down twist crank twist WHOOSH it out of the toilet and pray there’s a toothbrush (and that it’s Marks…) Sometimes we have to call RotoRooter. They charge $190 to snake a toilet. $400 to remove a toilet from the floor! Putting things in the toilet costs money and makes me cranky – locking the doors though – well that prevents Bella from being able to USE the toilet – which as you can imagine, has it’s own problems. That’s when we call Stanley Steamer Carpet Cleaner after my Bissell attemots fail. So.. for 2011 we are OPENING THE BATHROOM DOORS! So far, pretty good. Bella has been using the toilet really well – few accidents – and we haven’t flooded the foyer! Have you read my chapter on the flooded house weeks before we had to move out in All I can Handle I’m No Mother Teresa? Bathroom doors have been our nemesis. Er, our Atlantis?

    Also, I should point out my first published piece was in Huffington Post’s FEARLESS VOICES section in 2007. I’m a big believer in fearlessness – it’s the only way to move forward.


  2. I love both these quotes, especially “Do the thing you think you cannot do.” On a personal level, the past several months have been about that for me in many ways. It’s hard, but so important, healthy, and empowering.

    1. Agreed on all fronts – hard, important, healthy, and empowering. I’m glad to hear it’s been working for you, because I’m about to launch my own battles on that front. Huge Eleanor Roosevelt hugs to you.

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