Deb Elise Is In The Great Outdoors RIGHT NOW!

Napili KaiI’m writing this Saturday night, which is way ahead of time for me, since I usually write my posts Sunday night.  Late Sunday night.  Like, two hours before they go live.

I’m just that ahead of the game.

But in less than 12 hours, I’ll be on a plane to Hawaii, en route to a vacation getaway my husband, daughter, and I have been putting off for two years, because stuff kept coming up.

I can’t wait.

Normally, a trip like this would REALLY be about The Great Outdoors — we’d hike, we’d snorkel, we’d explore, we’d swim… all the things that I find make me forget my life-size container of neuroses and just let go and be free.

This time, the weather report is not promising — lots of rain.  And I have a crazy-deep still-bleeding gash on my shin from an unfortunate box jump injury over a week ago (I feel like it’s a badge of honor, but I’m sick that way), which the doctor says can’t get in the pool, jacuzzi, or ocean.

I’m not concerned in the least.  Hawaii is my favorite place in the world, and even if I’m just sitting on the lanai behind a curtain of torrential rain, I’ll be outside in the warm air, surrounded by lush beauty (and a weeping wound, but I’ll ignore that part), and loving every second of it.

Actually, today — or, the day after tomorrow, when you’re reading this — is supposed to be the one really nice day of the trip, so I’m most likely in The Great Outdoors at this very moment, getting super-recharged, so I can come back the next week refreshed and ready to tackle the world.

Is that how it works for you, too?  When you to unplug someplace beautiful and outdoors — be it for a week or just an hour — does it help you see everything on your plate with fresh eyes and renewed energy?

I have my iPad with me, so I’ll be in touch — I look forward to hearing your thoughts, and I’ll raise my mai tai to each and every one!



Deb Elise

9 Replies to “Deb Elise Is In The Great Outdoors RIGHT NOW!”

  1. I would go NUTS not being able to get in the water. I am a total water baby – pool, lake, ocean, I’m not picky. I just float and read and it couldn’t be better. I hope you have a wonderful time just lounging.

    J.C. and I both work from home and we like to take breaks to take a little walk outside. It invariably clears my head and makes me happy!


  2. Maybe I’ll go read Michener’s Hawaii this week – :)

    Have a great trip.

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