Deb Elise Would TOTALLY Stow Away With Deb Tawna’s Making Waves Crew!


I want to make a cake shaped like the cover of Making Waves, but with inappropriate toys instead of candles.  Or just with inappropriate candles, so you can… you know… blow them.

I can’t help but think in sexually loaded double entendres when I think about Tawna’s book.  I warn you — this is a hazard when you read Making Waves. Another hazard?  You won’t want to put it down, and you won’t stop laughing… except when you’re getting all hot and bothered by Alex, who is sexy enough to make you wonder what you ever saw in either Joe Morelli or Ranger.

Let me back up though, because I have a confession to make.  I have always been a snob when it comes to Romance Novels.  I thought they were all glorified Fabio “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter” commercials.  (The Stephanie Plum novels don’t count — I didn’t know Evanovich was a Romance writer when I read them.)  But if Tawna Fenske is the New Face of Romance (and I’m just going to go ahead and say she is), then I owe the whole genre a huge apology.

Making Waves is a fantastic read.  It’s smart, the plot is well-crafted, and it’s laugh-out-loud hysterical.  Yet what I loved most about it was Tawna’s cast of characters.  Her MC Juli is terrific, but when Juli ends up on a boat with the most unlikely crew in the universe, Tawna really shows off her writing chops.  Alex, the love interest, is sexy as hell, but it’s not because of chiseled abs or smoldering gazes, it’s because he’s three-dimensional and flawed and funny and trying to do the right thing despite a zillion obstacles in his way.

And he has chiseled abs and smoldering gazes.

As for the rest of the crew, I could go off on the million things I love about them, but I don’t want to give away any spoilers.  Suffice it to say that Jake, Cody (Cookie), and Phyllis are among the most brilliantly quirky characters I’ve ever encountered.  They’re completely over the top, but they work because Tawna makes them real.  And don’t even get me started on Malcolm the Shockingly Erudite Pirate.

If you love Romance, you’ll love Making Waves.  If you think you don’t love Romance, you’ll love Making Waves.  The book is pure fun, beginning to end, so pick up a copy and enjoy, then join me in waiting anxiously for Tawna’s next release — I have no doubt it’ll be just as fantastic.

~ Deb Elise

29 Replies to “Deb Elise Would TOTALLY Stow Away With Deb Tawna’s Making Waves Crew!”

  1. Ahoy matey – and I DO mean mate! The cover alone tells you this is a super-fun read. And Tawna manages to weave in a story line relevant to 2011 but with enough laugh out loud dialog and backstory to make your mascara run. Buy. Read. Enjoy. And tell your crew – start Making Waves today!


  2. My TBR pile is absolutely toppling over, but I just can’t resist buying this as today is a holiday and really, all I want to do is get caught up in a fun romance. So much for writing today. Er…I mean, thank you! 😉

  3. Everything I’ve read about her book is GREAT–and I’ve been following her blog forever, so I can’t wait until my book arrives! Yippee! I’m not a romance reader (with exceptions, like you) but I hope her book really does change my feelings about romance novels in general.

    1. Tawna infuses her book with humor – that’s pretty unique in most genres. Laugh out loud “did she just say that?” humor. Madcap described the style to me. And I love me some madcap! Genre schmenre – a good read is a good read!

    2. If all romance is like Tawna’s, then I’m a convert. Yet even if there’s more out there like this, I know Tawna’s will stand out in the crowd — it’s really smart, funny, and perfectly-paced. Enjoy!

  4. I think I’ve been anticipating this week almost as much as Tawna has — her book is that good! If you like to laugh (and I LOVE to laugh), you won’t find a better sexy summer read. Not only are the two leads complex and real, and frankly just people you want to spend time with, but so are the supporting characters. I’m not usually much of a seafarer, but this crew had me aching to join in the fun!

    Read it. And then do your friends a favor, and tell them to read it, too. They’ll thank you for it. 🙂

      1. It’s so fun to read people’s reactions to the different characters. I always forget they now exist somewhere besides my brain!

  5. Teehee Malcolm the Shockingly Erudite Pirate.

    I totally agree on all fronts – in my post tomorrow I talk about how important SMART is in romance (to me, even more important than funny – sorry, Tawna), and I just loved that about this book.

    Glad you loved it, too!

  6. Woohoo, Tawna! The big day has arrived! The cover alone to MAKING WAVES has me hooked (yes, I DID just make a pirate joke) and wanting to be whisked away inside its pages NOW. Now please tell me those are your feet!

  7. Confession: Last August 29th, when your bios and books appeared on this site, my heart fell as my mind read about MAKING WAVES. A romance novel at The Deb Ball? Yes I was also a snob! Thank goodness Tawna opened/changed my mind. This novel IS smart, clever, quirky and so well-written that I can’t wait for the next two books coming this December and next August!

    1. Aww, thanks, Larramiefg! We romance writers often have a lot of bad stereotypes to overcome, and I’m the first to admit the genre gets a bad rep sometimes. Fortunately, there’s a lot of good stuff out there!

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