Deb Joanne Needs Some Thrills

As a writer of books for kids, I obviously read a lot of historical romance (that was a joke—er, not the part about reading historical romance—that part’s true). For some reason, one that’s never really occurred to me before now, I don’t read thrillers. It’s not that I don’t think I’d like them, it’s just that I’ve never really been drawn to any.  So, I’m asking you, faithful readers, to suggest a thriller or two that I might cut my teeth on. And if there’s a romantic subplot, even better.


In the interim, I’d like to indulge Deb Linda’s vote for this week’s theme, which was half-naked men. However, in the interest of keeping with the actual theme, I will only include eye-candy from movies that are classified as thrillers. Well, thriller-ish. Or maybe just made your heart race. Er…Anyway. Enjoy.


Remember The Fighter? Great movie, huh? I really loved this one and I’m so not a fan of boxing, I mean, look at those shorts – those are not flattering on anyone.









I don’t remember this scene in Seven, but I think I had my eyes covered for a lot of that movie.








That Van Helsing was quite the thriller. Remember when the vampire witchy things went to the beach, stalking poor Hugh Jackman? Terrible–I was at the edge of my seat the whole time.








Another thriller based on a Stephen King story about tortured writers – Secret Window. Poor Johnny Depp – look how tortured he is here. He needs that wine just to calm down after John Turturro came over and started freaking out about Johhny plagiarizing his stuff.









Please leave your thriller suggestions for me in the comments. I’m serious – I think every writer needs to read outside her regular genre every once in a while and it’s time I gave thrillers a try. I mean, I did read Misery (*shiver*) as a teen, but it’s time I read something thrilling as a grown up and as a writer.



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    1. Ha, Kim. Love your puns! And no problem on the early posts – I need to get my posts scheduled early so I can check and make sure they’re up and ready to go before I leave for work. Glad we’re a part of your morning reading!

  1. I’m a huge fan of thrillers–mostly movies, but I have some favorite books I can recommend. EYE OF THE NEEDLE by Ken Follett is a great one to cut your teeth on. Great writing, great suspense and even some romance. (And the movie version is good too, if you’re wondering…)

    All I know is that you’ve set the bar pretty high for tomorrow for me, Joanne. Frankly, my sort of eye-candy may disappoint. But the theme rules, so I’ll do what I can for our readers. 😉

  2. Niiiice! That’s great how you incorporated my half-naked man theme suggestion. Thanks! Hmmm…I may have to do some heavy research for my post this week. I’d hate to fall short of expectations. 😉

    I second Deb Erika’s EYE OF THE NEEDLE SUGGESTION, at least for the movie. I haven’t actually read the book. (I know! Bad Linda.)

  3. Hi from Sunny Florida
    WOW, even though I am not fond of Thriller movies or books I do like the pictures J (you know the old saying look but don’t touch and I am looking Mother is not dead yet).
    if you have good Romance novels let this old Mother know please.
    I ambasking in the sun, playing mahj and shopping. Hope you all have a good week.

  4. Excuse me while I go take a cold shower!

    Ok, I’m back. Thrillers…..I love Robin Cook. A few of his books also have a love story. Tess Gerritsen is also good. I’m sure there are others but I’m a geeky scientist what can I say.

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