Deb Rachel Embraces The Fever

The other day I was watching the movie Contagion, which was more or less a huge mistake. Have you seen that movie? It’s weird. And creepy. And will make you take your hand-washing to a whole new level. Without giving too much away, I’ll tell you there is a part during which a teenage girl is forced to stay inside her house for 144 days—never leaving once!—because of a horrible deadly virus. And here’s the conversation I had with my cousin, with whom I was watching the movie:

Me: “I don’t know, I might not mind that.”

Him: “You’re insane.”

Me: “I mean, I’d read a lot of books. And I’d rent lots of TV series.”

Him: “You’re insane.”

Granted, I’m the one who often complains about the difficult of working from home–the solitude, the pajamas all day, the to-shower-or-not-to-shower of it all. But when there isn’t work to be done, when I’m forced to stay at home without the pressure of sitting at the computer, there’s something sort of appealing to it.

My days inside would look something like this:



Now that I’m seeing that lineup, I’m liking this idea even more.

Obviously 144 days would kill me. But part of me thinks the idea of staying inside all day with nothing to do but stay inside sounds dreamy.

So I ask you this: What could keep you so entertained during a stranded-at-home session that you wouldn’t get the stir crazies? Jane Fonda, obviously, but what else?

3 Replies to “Deb Rachel Embraces The Fever”

  1. Rachel, what does it say about me that I wasn’t nearly as freaked out by Contagion as I thought I’d be??? I suspect I’m jaded. I read The Hot Zone when it came out (does anyone else remember that book?) and I was utterly traumatized (as were many of us) so I fear my fear-threshold was shot after that…

    But that said, I love the comparison in this post. For me, I’d have to have my family, my music, enough books and lots of DVDs. Oh, and lots of wine and English toffee. Which leads us, of course, to the need for Jane Fonda…

  2. I’ve often thought that I probably wouldn’t mind prison — tons of time for writing! One of those minimum security prisons that all the CEOs get to go to, obviously. I imagine they’re basically like spas, anyway.

  3. Well, probably pretty much what I have here now: TG, books, videos, and a daily visit from my part-time cat. I really have to remind myself that there’s more to life than the stories in my head. *grin*

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