Deb Sarah is sad to say…

Hi Everyone,

This is a really difficult post to write.

I’ve so enjoyed being a part of The Debutante Ball these past months. Getting to know my fellow Debs and the readers of this blog has been thrilling, which is why I hate to have to bow out now, instead of in August, as I’d originally planned. But the fact is, promoting The Opposite of Me is gobbling up every single second of my spare time. And even though we five authors started out with a great spirit of camaraderie, things have completely broken down behind the scenes. I wish my fellow Debs nothing but the best, and I’m sorry that from this day on, the Tuesday spot will be blank.

I wish it didn’t have to be this way, and I think our readers deserve a full explanation of exactly what has transpired, uncomfortable (and ugly) as it has been these past months. Many graduate Debs – including the founder of this site, Kristy Kiernan – tried very hard to smooth over the problems that have erupted. But things have gone too far; there’s no hope.

Maybe I could’ve overlooked the hair-pulling incident (not nice, Maria!) or the time Joelle knee-capped Alicia just before we were planning to have a big group photo shoot (it took two photographers to pull them off each other).  But when Emily changed her book’s title to The Opposite of Me: This One Is Better, I knew I had to get out to save my sanity. Some might say that I allegedly started the ruckus, but in my defense, the only reason why I photoshopped mustaches on my fellow Debs’ publicity photos was because I thought it would look nice. Honestly.

But before I say goodbye, I’d like to know: what’s the best April Fool’s joke you’ve ever played?

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  1. I’m not normally a fan of April Fools, but this one was lovely. It went from believable to suspect to letting everyone in on the joke. Thanks for a laugh (unless there is actual footage of Joelle knee-capping Alicia!)

  2. That was great, Sarah! You had me there for a second. The best April Fool’s prank that I was ever a part of was when we put in the Sunday bulletin of our church (UUs – all socializing and social action, no dogma) that we were going to change the name of the church (All Souls). We listed a bunch of hysterical choices and asked everyone to vote. I don’t remember all the choices, but among them were “Not All Souls, but quite a few,” and “The Potluck Parish.” Not everyone got the joke and there was quite a bit of grumbling in the pews. But more laughing.

  3. Hey man! Just because I’m from Portland does not mean I’m Tonja Harding! And besides, you were court ordered to keep your mouth shut about that. There’s nothing on my record, man. You are so busted. Watch yourself…


  4. Eve, I love a church with a sense of humor! Ours has a giant neon sign that says, “Donuts” and at the end of service one lucky kid gets to pull the cord to make it light up, then everyone rushes for the donuts. It’s a very laid back, accepting place – sounds like yours in that way.

  5. Fantastic post, Sarah! You had me going for a little while. Serves me right for checking-in on the Debs while I am at work. I had to start reading the post again after reading too quickly the first time.

  6. I love the fact that you got me at first! Could your new book be about a bunch of writers who crumble under the pressure of publishing and turn on the perceived competition? I have to say it seems like it would be a stretch because most writers are so supportive of each other, but with your writing skills you could make it believable. Thanks for the laugh!

  7. Mmm… Kristen, you may be on to something? I think I read a Nora Roberts book with a similar premise a while back but can’t remember the title now. Glad you laughed!
    And Larramie, good for you for seeing through it from the beginning!
    I think I owe Kristy and Katie and Eve some cupcakes for scaring them. Don’t worry, ladies, the camaraderie you envisioned continues!

  8. Dude! You nailed that one!! Once, my buddies and I got caught with a truck full of farm animals. We were setting up little petting zoo at our high school (we wanted something to liven the day when our fellow students arrived). On our way there a cop pulled us over and we convinced him we were in the 4H club. The petting zoo was a hit until a goat rammed the Principal while he was trying to round him up.

  9. I will admit you totally had me going until the last line. I was sitting here with my mouth open, thinking “These are grown women right?”. In my defense I only started reading your blog a couple weeks ago. I just started reading The Opposite of me a couple days ago and so far I am loving it!

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