Deb Sarah on Her Favorite Place: Home!

Just the other day, my 3 year old turned to me and beamed, “mama,” he said, “I just love my home.” (I know, by the time he’s 13, he’ll be complaining that it’s too small, totally uncool, and why does he have to share a bedroom with his brother again?) But, he’s content now, just as I am.

I share his love of this place. It’s not fancy or opulent or huge–so far from it. But our 1940s home in Seattle, that someone had the keen eye to do a second-story addition on years later (we’ve since remodeled it, too), is truly my favorite place on earth. Cliche? Maybe, but it’s the truth. I used to love to travel (still do, to some degree, though the worldwide bedbug epidemic isn’t making me want to pack my bags just yet–you?). But now, when I find myself with a week off from my work for Glamour (like this very week), I’d much rather take a staycation and enjoy it in my own house–staying up watching movies with my hubby, making big luxurious dinners, working on a new fiction project (which I’ve been doing this week–more on that soon!) and playing with my kids.

What do I love most about these old walls? Here’s a short list:

*The kitchen: Sure, it’s drafty and the windows are single-paned, but it’s bright and light and cheerful, and last year I splurged on a Viking range that probably wasn’t worth the $$, but oh well, it makes me smile.

*The office: I’ve always wanted an office–an entire room–to my own. And when we bought this house five years ago, the dream was fulfilled. (Well, we had to convert the laundry room first, but still!) It’s right next to the kids’ playroom, so I love that I can work (sort of) while the kids play or watch Sesame Street in the morning.

*The garden: Currently, it’s a bit weedy. (Hey, I’m nearing my third trimester!) But if you want a bunch of dahlias or a clump of sage, chives, lavender, oregano (or any other number of herbs), come on by. There’s bounty and beauty out there in that little patch of earth, and I love that it’s mine.

Are you a homebody too? What do you love most about your casa?

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  1. I’m hearing ET – Hooooommmmmmmme. I agree. My desk is in the eating area of our kitchen. I can cook, work, see the kids nearby. It’s not the most productive set up – but it’s full of love and splatters! Your kitchen is gorgeous. When I hit the NYT best sellers list and become fabulously rich from writing (stop rolling on the floor laughing) I have a retro dream kitchen in my head (see my website for the dream) with the gorgeous NEW but retro looking appliances. Now, pink or turquoise? Great post. I love the kitchen!

  2. I’m with Kim – your kitchen is gorgeous! My office is white, too, with pink and yellow. It’s all very cute.

    We’ve spent a lot of time lately decorating our new home, and we’re loving putting thought into it and making it our own.

  3. Oh, I just love home. I’m an extrovert and love checking out new places, but nothing beats the staycation.

    I love the lighting in your kitchen! My favorite place in my home is an oversized chair in my living room, next to my table that is always overflowing with books, mostly-finished cups of tea and scribbled notes.

  4. Kim, kitchen offices are awesome. Mine’s almost as traffic-filled as it has two doors, so my kids frequently run through it as I’m working. I think when we work in such a busy household we learn to tune a lot out, which is what I’ve had to learn to do over the years–to live and thrive amidst the chaos. And, Tawna, those photos were taken several months ago on an unusually tidy day. I wouldn’t dare share photos of the house at present. Eeks! You’d think a tornado plowed through. 🙂 xo

  5. You kitchen is beautiful. I agree. I love my home, it’s not too large and not to small. Sure my boys have to share a room and that will not be changing anytime soon, but it teaches them to get along. I don’t have an office either, it’s where my lop top is. I just move to a quieter spot when everyone is home.

  6. Oh! I love your kitchen! It’s so spacious (I live in New york City so…everything is spacious to me) And I adore the look of the clear glass on the cupboards. I am not a homebody but I do love my home. It’s a small apartment but I look forward to going back to it after work each day. It gets a lot of sun and we have so many beautiful windows that look out into people’s backyard gardens. There is a funny organge cat I watch every day while I eat breakfast and, even though he’s not, I consider him mine 🙂

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