Driving Sideways Blazes a Trail by Deb Danielle Younge-Ullman

So yesterday, Jess was telling us how virtuous she was being, avoiding checking her Amazon ranking for Driving Sideways. This is an bad obsession for authors, but we all do it, even me, which is quite pathetic since my book won’t be out for a over two months. I stare at the number (currently in the millions, I think, #1 being the best) like it’s some kind of crystal ball. So of course when Jess said she was abstaining I whipped over to check her ranking and then barely resisted the urge to email back telling her things looked quite healthy. Then at some point Eileen checked, only to see it was sold out. Let me repeat that: SOLD OUT!!!

Needless to say, many cheers and whoops were exchanged via email and I had a lovely glass of wine while composing my sonnet. It’s mediocre-to-bad, as usual, but this time I’m blaming the wine, and Jess, of course.

Sonnet for Jess Riley

Driving Sideways is a beautiful book,
Of unfinished business, healing and hope,
A road trip, a kidney and new outlook,
Leigh’s driving with Larry on a tightrope.

A long lost love, a mother long lost too,
The road fraught with heartache and thievery.
Seth the ex, a sad start in the Sioux,
Trouble to come from Geoffry with a G.

Through palaces of corn and the wild west,
Kisses from cops, Vegas, friends in need,
Leigh takes her pills and holds hope to her chest,
And takes on each challenge with wit indeed.

Friends and lovers may fail but Leigh does not;
Blaze a trail, make some dust, leave no truth unsought.

And did I mention I loved it? I loved it. It’s funny, sad, smart, deep, honest, sharp and beautifully written. Bravo, Jess.

Deb Danielle

P.S. Don’t forget to check out the contest page to win a signed copy of Driving Sideways and other exciting mystery gifts.

11 Replies to “Driving Sideways Blazes a Trail by Deb Danielle Younge-Ullman”

  1. Yay Jess – you have arrived now that you’ve gotten a sonnet from Danielle! (oh and congrats also on the book).

    Danielle – I love your sonnets. I think you need test your Deb 2009 hopefuls for their sonnet-writing ability.

  2. Way to go! I can’t wait to read the book. I’m sure it’s hard to resist checking your Amazon ranking, and let’s be honest, who could blame you?
    I’m obsessed with checking the stats for my website and I just write a blog. I can only imagine what it’s like after your first novel:)

  3. Another stunning sonnet, Danielle. And congrats to Jess on selling out on Amazon. How exciting. I smell a second printing… That first edition up for grabs in the contest will be a collector’s item to be sure. I’d better go enter…

  4. Yaay! Danielle, your sonnet was fantastic!!! I feel so honored! You have a true talent for this.

    Just checked amazon, and they have it in stock again. (But the little hysterical moment was pretty fun last night!)

    Also, I’m not sure if I shared this story with you guys, but yesterday my coworker told me her 12 year-old daughter was reading the first page (in which I jokingly refer to an orgasm) and said, “Hey Mom! I know what an organism is! We just learned about them in science class!”

    PS: the first edition is missing the author photo … fun little quirk. 😉

  5. Thanks Joanne. You’ll love Driving Sideways. I promise to write one for you when your day comes, which it’s going to!!!

    Hey Miss Attitude–love the attitude! Yes, website stats are another thing to get crazy about. Thanks for popping by and for commenting!

    Maureen: yes, go enter! Now “stunning” might be pushing it a bit, but thanks. The Oppressor told me last night he’s unimpressed with my use of iambic pentameter. I had to explain that I’m not, in fact, trying to use it. I’m just trying to get the 10 beats and the ABAB CDCD EFEF DD format. And have fun, of course.

    Jess–what a crazy night, huh? So exciting.

    And ROLF about the “organism”. I suppose that’s good news for your coworker though–I thought all 12 year olds were a bit more informed than that and am relieved to hear they’re not! Great story.

  6. Great poem, Danielle. It’s quite an honor to be honored with the Danielle Younge-Ullman poetry slam!
    Jess–what a hoot about the organism! don’t we all know about organisms 😉

  7. Okay, that sonnet is absolutely better that the draft I read last night. See what you all need to understand out there in blog-land is that my lovely wife writes not one sonnet for her fellow Debs, but several, not including drafts. Unbelievable. And worthy of the praise. Way to go Dani, and way to go Jess!

  8. Thanks Larramie–you and I both have our traditions, don’t we. Launch week is so exciting.

    Oppressor, you’re giving away state secrets…

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