Get Lucky with Deb Kim!

What a lucky duck! Did you get lucky? My luck ran out. If it weren’t for bad luck I wouldn’t have any luck at all! The luck of the Irish be with you.

What’s luck? Hmmm, I think it’s a lot of hard work. A good dose of timing (over which you usually have no control) and recognizing an opportunity when you see it and acting FAST. I read recently (maybe in Lucky Magazine or the back of a box of a box of Lucky Charms?) that much of what we call luck is the ability to sniff out an opportunity and grab it. People whose eyes were open to risk, change and new things had more “luck” than those who did not. That made a lot of sense to me. Like when I found out about the Backspace Author Agent seminar in ’07 and moved heaven and earth to get on Metro North and sit down in a chair at the Algonquin hotel. By a stroke of true luck, my first Huffington Post piece had run just the day before, and I brought it with me to the conference to show “I’ve been published!” That’s where I met my agent. I consider myself very lucky not to have had to query another 25 or 50 or 100 agents once I met Eric. But really what I did was see the opportunity, snag it and get myself into position for success. So, what’s your definition of luck?  And how have you put yourself into the “lucky” line?   Oh, that photo? For Tawna. Natch. Anyone remember Loverboy? LOL! The video is a classic from The Chairman of the Board. Luck and ships are female – did anyone tell the Titanic?

5 Replies to “Get Lucky with Deb Kim!”

  1. You all are slowly convincing me that luck is about taking advantage of situations that present themselves more than the situations in the first place. Your moving heaven and earth to get to that conference is a perfect example of taking advantage of a good thing that presented itself to you.

    Though I loved what someone said yesterday that it’s also about your attitude – if you expect ‘lucky’ things to happen, they will!

    Who doesn’t love Loverboy? Also love the Billy Ocean song “Loverboy”. We could make a whole chain here!

  2. Thank you for the butt shot. Thank you also for the chuckle I got when I noticed the words “sniff out” butting up (ha!) against the pic.

    True story, I actually threw a bra (not mine…long story) at Loverboy and then got up onstage and danced with them for about 30 seconds before security escorted me away.


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