God is in the Details by Deb Joelle

According to Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, “God is in the details.” So is description. As writers, we try to paint pictures with our words. But if you’re having a challenging writing day (or doing your Deb post at the eleventh hour), you could do what I did and marry a photographer and let him do the work for you!

Here are my details – the ones that describe how blessed I truly am.

Victor took nine of these photos including the one of Sophie’s Paw. You can see more of his photos here.

6 Replies to “God is in the Details by Deb Joelle”

  1. Love that little paw at the end! That one seems to be really captivating folks. Your husband is a talented man.

  2. Hi Joelle,
    Just wanted to say thanks. I’ve been feeling lazy about my editing and I remembered reading how long your writing days were and I got inspired today.

    Thanks! Love the pics, especially the silver-haired woman laughing.



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