Good-bye From the Class of 2021

It’s time for the Class of 2021 to say good-bye, and hand over the reins to the Class of 2022. What a year we had! A year ago, the five of us met online and formed a bond as debuts embarking on this journey together. And now, all five of us have launched our books and look forward to our future. It’s been a fun year, with ups and downs for all of us, but we’ve enjoyed getting to know each other and sharing our debut journey with you all.

Please help us welcome the new class of seven as they embark on their debut journey. We know they have many new things planned – more social media and a new Deb Ball TikTok account! We can’t wait to see what they have planned, and we hope you will follow along as they launch their books.

Thank you for supporting us this year and we hope you will stay connected as we launch more books. We are so honored to have had this opportunity and hope we have inspired some of you to keep writing.

Be well and happy reading!

Ehsaneh, Greta, Denny, Elizabeth and Lyn