Happy Year of The Debs! And a News Flash…

Debs in Print! The February edition of Writer’s Digest (Janet Evanovich on cover) features Mia King and Good Things in the First Impressions column under “More Notable Debuts,” page 29. Go grab a copy at your nearest bookstore. Congratulations, Mia!

The Debutante Ball in the New York Times! Well, okay, it’s not our debutante ball, but fun to read anyway. Thanks to sharp-eyed Larramie for finding it!

New Contest! Remember, to enter, go to the contest page and make a comment so we know you’re in the running.

Deb Friends! Friend of the site, Gail Konop-Baker has a new Bare-Breasted Mama column up at Literary Mama.

New Links! Nancy Pearl’s Book Lust Wiki: Nancy Pearl’s Book Lust recommended reading series-discover book club recommendations and online book reviews for hundreds of books.

Welcome The Writers’ Group Blog, featuring Lisa, Amy, Hannah, and Lynne: Four women share how they encourage, give feedback, and offer critique as they create their unique literary lives.

Our first award for workin’ the dream goes to Rhona Westbrook. Read about her journey and join us in wishing her luck!

And Lois Fay of the Women’s Forum has a hilarious blog on marketing you really must read.

Finally, The Debutantes wish all of our readers the very best life has to offer in 2007! We hope your year is filled with happiness, good health, and sharp eyes to read all of the Debs’ debuts.

7 Replies to “Happy Year of The Debs! And a News Flash…”

  1. Thanks for the link, Debs! Here’s wishing you a 2007 filled with bestsellers, rave reviews, movie rights, foreign rights, and loads of charming notes from thousands of fans. As for Gail, let’s all take a moment and send good thoughts her way.

  2. Thanks, Amy. How kind of you to say that. And thank you, Debs, for posting the link. I admire all of you, love your grog and I look forward to reading your debuts.

  3. Ah, it’s great to see some new names here because I encourage all the visiting lurkers on this site to comment! The Debs have another contest beginning soon and I — being the winner of the first one — can tell you that a surprise goodie bag and the postcards provide a wonderful “reality” touch.

  4. OMG thanks guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just now found this and am so friggen happy its unbelievable. I was mentioned on THE DEBS!!!!!!!

    k gotta go read it again…….THANK YOU SO MUCH!

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