I Love it When Someone Loves My Book! by Deb Jenny

I guess that is stating the obvious. But it’s true. What an awesome feeling it is for someone to love what you write and to “get” it.

At the book launch party for Sleeping with Ward Cleaver, my husband said something I hadn’t exactly contemplated.paramount-party.jpeg He said he thought I was very brave to write, to expose my thoughts to others and put them out there for public consumption. Huh. I don’t think I’ve ever been called brave before!

But as I ponder it, I suppose there is an element of bravery (or perhaps folly?) that writers must have in order to persevere. I think it goes along with the drive that a writer feels, this unknown force compelling us forward, this need to put into the printed word what someone else might be able to put into spoken words quite readily, without the luxury of refinement and revisions and all of those second, third, and sometimes 100th chances to get it right.

And we do all of this in the hopes that people we don’t even know and will most likely never meet will have the chance to read them and maybe think, “Hey, that’s the way I feel!” or “Wow, what an interesting way to see that!” or “This helped me to work through a really trying time in my own life.”another-signing-at-party.jpeg

Writing is transformative, and in that way it can be magical. And In a very small way, perhaps we writers are alchemists. Working with that little bit of magic with which we were lucky enough to be born, or perhaps simply fine-tuned through years of hard work, we throw it all together and hope that something bigger and better comes out of the mix.

With the release of Sleeping with Ward Cleaver, I’ve been so gratified to have been rewarded with a lot of of fantastic reviews. And then on Saturday, I got an email from someone who just happened to pick my book up in a store. “I am currently reading Sleeping with Ward Cleaver, and I LOVE it,” she said. “I want to avoid all my housework , just so i can read it. Thanks for the great book.”

The next day she wrote back: “As a woman who has been married for 25 years, I would highly recommend it. It reminded me to not take my (husband) for granted and to tell him frequently that I loved him. Thanks so much.”signing-at-party.jpeg

And with that, my book felt especially launched. Somewhere out there, there are people who are finding value in my words, who have been touched by that little spark of magic I hoped was in there, and it feels so fabulous.june-cleaver-at-party.jpeg

It’s a happy launch week, indeed!


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  1. Hey Jenny! Congrats on the book launch. It is a great feeling when people get it–and what a sweet husband you have!


  2. Well we’ve been waiting for this a long time Jenny, and your hard work has paid off. I’m glad I was here for the entire ride- it was wild! I’m haunting the bookshelves at the local markets to see who gets it out first. I ordered off Amazon because who could wait of course. It just the greatest feeling to see yourself on the shelves the first time. Here’s to many more. Cheers! Suzanne

  3. Looks like you had a great time. Congratulations!! But, er, couldn’t you have left the apron at home? 😉

    (I’ll be in VA from mid-day Wednesday through at least Sat. afternoon–my panels are on Weds. and Thurs. See you there!)

  4. Pssssst did you hear the news??? Manic Mommy wants to sleep with WARD! what do you mean Ward who?? Ward Cleaver!! yup you heard right and i know it’s true cause Swishy told me!

  5. Manic Mommy sent me here…. did you know she wants to sleep with sleep with Ward???… (For a new book, I’ll say anything!)… What a great morning – I was introduced to another great blog – er, GROG! and a new book! Congratulations on such a wonderful accomplishment… I’m looking forward to enjoying your book!

  6. Manic Mommy slept with your ward…I mean, with Ward. Or wait. That still sounds terrible. Your launch party looks like it was a blast. The teaser online of your book was great. Congrats on the publication, good luck in the future!

  7. Finally I got to where I could actually read the excerpt from your book, and I gotta tell ya, I can’t wait to finish it! That biatch and Ward, can’t wait to see what happens with that. Yup, my “stand up for women” emotions kicked right in!

  8. I was intrigued by the title of your book that I saw mentioned on Manic Mom’s blog- wanted to stop by and tell you that Manic said SHE wants to sleep with Ward Cleaver…

    and Congrats on your book launch! 🙂

  9. Manic Mommy wants to sleep with Ward (doesn’t that sound like a note we’d pass around in second grade? Well…maybe high school…)

    Your launch party looks like it was so awesome…congratulations. I’m so excited to read about Ward! (And your hubby is right…you are brave)

  10. Manic Mommy wants to sleep with Ward & that I HAVE to read your book. The teaser chapter sounds fantabulous! I don’t know about you but being compared to Candace Bushnell is enough of a sale for me to read it.

    Just call me Samantha 😉


  11. Trish–it is true, it’s like a game of telephone 😉
    And Jacqui–so glad you liked the teaser! I figured that any friend of Stephs would totally get a good laugh with this book cause it’s edgy and sort of unexpected at times

  12. Okay, I went to Books A Million to buy your book and Unpredictable, but they only had yours so I bought it. I’m on chapter 4 (which I read them in the bath tub) and I LOVE it! I can not wait to see how this twists and turns. And you know what? I SO know what Claire is talking about in having sex with Ward. It got to be like that with my ex, and there where times that I purposely got drunk before hand so I wouldn’t remember!

    Hey, is that TMI?

  13. I heard a rumour, and apparently I wasn’t the only one…


    Go figure, right? Didn’t see that one coming.:-)

    Congrats on your new book, I wish you the best of luck with it, and maybe I’ll make it a doubleheader for my wife’s birthday and get yours and eileen’s for her.

  14. Well a big HUGE congratulation on publishing your new book. I know that it must have been a lot of slogging/plodding/sweating/work, but just think – now you’re FAMOUS. WOW! You rock girl! I can’t wait to read it.

    And Manic Mommy sent me over to tell you… can you guess? Yup. She wants to sleep with WARD! And I SO want to be a fly on the wall when THAT happens. : )

  15. This book sounds fantistic, the excerpt has me wanting more, which i guess is the idea of an excerpt lol, Manic Mommy want to sleep with Ward, and im guessing she isnt the only one lol

  16. Do you know how long I agonized over whether or not to read the first chapter knowing I wouldn’t be reading the next chapter for awhile (the new Ken Follett is the one with the bookmark currently). But I finally gave in…. Great read so far, and now I want to know what happens next! Now! I knew I should have used willpower. 😉

    And along with the rest of the world, Manic Mommy wants to sleep with Ward.


    ahnya a t excite

    d o t c o m

  17. You guys!!! I just found out that Sleeping with Ward Cleaver debuted at #32 on the Barnes & Noble mass market romance bestsellers list!!!! Awesome news and no doubt helped along by some of you!!! thank you so much!

  18. Sounds like a book I’d totally love to read! I’m going to check Amazon right now. By the way, have you heard that Manic Mommy totally wants to sleep with Ward? She’s such a ho.

  19. Allright! Moving right along girls… I am ready for something new…

    BRING ON MIKE BRADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And we’ll have a winner up on Manic Mommy sometime on Monday so check in to see if you’ve got a date with Ward and a SIGNED BOOK FROM JENNY!!!

    Congrats Jenny!

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