In which Deb Kristina wishes for something more precious than gold

coverWhen I was younger, I would scoff at the idea of a gift like a vacuum, dishwasher, or food processor. I figured my life would never be so sad and narrow that an appliance would excite me.

Then, I grew up.

Those gifts — like snowblowers, or power saws — really represent the gift of time. You can get your chores done faster and move on with life.

If I could give my loved ones anything at all, it would be actual, real-life time. Not just time, but time unfettered by schedules or e-mail or demands, and I would box it up with a shiny silver bow. And how would they use such a gift? Sleep, maybe. Is anything so decadent in our adult lives as a midday nap? (And why don’t our toddlers grasp this concept?) At Literary Mama, where I’m co-editor for fiction, we were discussing the books we’d read if we had unlimited time. I won’t spill the beans on all our choices (the list will be published soon over there) but my pick was the hefty INFINITE JEST by the late David Foster Wallace.

What about me? If I received such a gift, I’d parcel it out carefully, same as I try to savor the dark chocolates someone always gets me every Christmas (tempted as I am to gobble them all right up). I’d spend some lazy family time, unsullied by yard work or dishes or (as long as we’re dreaming here) temper tantrums. I’d read, of course, and I’d write.

I believe writers chase success not for the sake of money alone, but for control of our time so yes, we can write some more.

That’s what I wish for all of you, my friends. More time for what you love, whatever that may be. Happy Holidays!

So, how would you spend your gift of time?

Deb Kristina

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7 Replies to “In which Deb Kristina wishes for something more precious than gold”

  1. Ah, time. More than any appliance, I would love three uninterrupted months to write my next book… Wouldn’t that be a gift!

  2. Extra time, huh? No, I’d have to say, I’d probably just fart it away. I’m terrible with too much time on my hands. Now, focus – that’s a gift I could really use!

  3. Time… ah, that would be great! Hmmm, time visiting with friends without kids and deadlines. Time in a hammock on a warm summer day with jus the right breeze. Time working on stained glass projects that have been sitting for over a year. Time with my Grandchildren to remind me that my teenagers used to be small, cute and cuddly. Time to write letters to loved ones and friends to let them know that I’m thinking of them. You can’t imagine what a hand written letter just about life means to a lonely friend, relative in college or an elderly relative. Merry Christmas, may the New Year provide some extra time well spent.

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