Interview with K. B. Wagers, Author of BEYOND THE EMPIRE

I am absolutely delighted to introduce the Deb Ball readers to one of my favorite author friends — hell, one of my favorite people. K.B. Wagers and I met at the Sirens Conference last year, and within 24 hours of knowing each other were singing Hamilton in her hotel room. Yes; all of it.

So imagine my delight when I picked up her book and it was awesomeBehind the Throne and After the Crown are exciting, high-octane sci-fi novels packed with action and intrigue. The heroine, Hail Bristol, is refreshingly snarky and pragmatic. It’s a trope-smashing thing of beauty, and I’m so very excited for the third and final book int he trilogy, Beyond the Empire — which is this week’s Deb Giveaway!

K.B. is brilliant, snarky, and oh so very strong, and so it is with bouncing glee that I turn this post over to her!

Interview with K.B. Wagers

Talk about one thing that’s making you happy right now.

I just got back from a writer’s retreat put on by C.J. Redwine in Tennessee and despite the fact that the ragweed attempted to murder me I had a wonderful time. It was glorious to be surrounded by a bunch of talented, inspiring folks and have nothing to do but talk about writing and write for three whole days. Even better is I get to go to Sirens Conference the end of October and do the same thing all over again. These two events have been the thing keeping me going all year.

Photo by Don BranumWhere do you love to be?

In the mountains. I love being on the beach too, but there’s something about the mountains that makes me feel at home. Especially this time of year, when the leaves are changing and the days are getting noticeably cooler.

Which talent do you wish you had?

If I could have any talent it would be to be able to run effortlessly. *laughs* I have short legs, so I’m not very good at it. I can plod along at a just-above-turtle speed; but I made peace with the fact that I’m never going to be one of those people who can run and make it look like gliding.

Tell us a secret about the main character in your novel — something that’s not even in your book.

Hail’s got so many secrets! Even though the book is in first person, we don’t see a lot of those because they just flat out don’t come up during the story. One is that during her early days with Hao, she broke into a bank that was next door to the job they were supposed to be working on—just to see if she could. She didn’t take anything and Hao still doesn’t know that she did it.

What’s your next big thing?

So, BEYOND THE EMPIRE is the final book in the Indranan War trilogy, but I’m working on a whole new adventure for Hail and company! The Farian War trilogy takes place about six months after the end of the previous book.

When Indrana’s closest alien ally asks Hail to intervene in an interstellar military crisis, Hail leaves Indrana on the highest-stakes diplomatic mission the Empire has ever faced. Caught between two alien civilizations at each other’s throats, she must uncover each side’s true intentions before all of humanity becomes collateral damage in a full-blown galactic war.

The first book is called THERE BEFORE THE CHAOS and will be out sometime in 2018.


About the Author: K.B. Wagers lives and runs in the shadow of Pikes Peak. She loves flipping tires and lifting heavy things. She’s especially proud of her second-degree black belt in Shaolin Kung Fu and her three Tough Mudder completions. When not writing science fiction she can be found trying to improve her handwriting or wrangling cats with her husband. Her Indranan War trilogy concludes this November with Beyond the Empire, but Hail will be back for a new adventure in 2018.

About Beyond the Empire (spoilers for Behind the Throne and After the Crown): Gunrunner-turned-Empress Hail Bristol was dragged back to her home planet to take her rightful place in the palace. Her sisters and parents have been murdered, and the Indranan Empire is reeling from both treasonous plots and foreign invasion.

Now, on the run from enemies on all fronts, Hail prepares to fight a full-scale war for her throne and her people, even as she struggles with the immense weight of the legacy thrust upon her. With the aid of a motley crew of allies old and new, she must return home to face off with the same powerful enemies who killed her family and aim to destroy everything and everyone she loves. Untangling a legacy of lies and restoring peace to Indrana will require an empress’s wrath and a gunrunner’s justice. BEYOND THE EMPIRE is the adrenaline-fueled, explosive conclusion to the Indranan War trilogy.

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Author: Cass Morris

Cass Morris lives and works in central Virginia and the Outer Banks of North Carolina. She completed her Master of Letters at Mary Baldwin University in 2010, and she earned her undergraduate degree, a BA in English with a minor in history, from the College of William and Mary in 2007. She reads voraciously, wears corsets voluntarily, and will beat you at MarioKart.

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