It’s a Writer’s Life For Me by Deb Mia

You already know that I’ve always wanted to be a writer — a published writer, to be specific. And now that I am, I have to say that it’s kind of nice. Except for the writing part.

I’m kidding, of course. The writing part for me is actually the best part, especially now that I’ve had a few months to realize how futile my promotional and marketing efforts really are. I’ve had many author friends tell me it’s an energy drain to try to get a debut novel in the public eye (factor in $0 budget and being in the middle of the Pacific Ocean), and I wrote them off as cynical and jaded. “It’ll be different for me!” My fun, fresh voice (and the lovely book cover, thanks to Berkley’s design team) will win the hearts of readers, magazine editors, and TV personalities everywhere (cough – Oprah!).

But now I’m FINALLY realizing that I should only do book marketing when I feel up to it, when I can actually enjoy it, and that I need to stop beating myself up for not doing more (i.e. like flying to New York and lurking around the back door of the Today Show until they fall in love with me and my book). Better yet (this little epiphany came in the middle of the night, as most of them do), why not just focus on an area where I actually have a chance of being successful? Like this writing thing?

My chaotic writing desk today ...I love to write, I know I can write (most days, anyway), and at the end of the day I will have something to show for it. My words on paper. Some interesting characters — some endearing, some frustrating, some who will get to fall in love and others who will be killed off by page 50 (just kidding – I like those happily ever afters, remember?) — thrown together in a challenging situation that needs to be resolved (or does it?).

Oh, the possibilities! Oh, the suspense! And the love – what about the love?! Who knows what’s to come? (Can you feel my intensity here? I’m actually feeling quite passionate about things at the moment!). I’m not much of a plotter so I often find myself surprised along with everyone else, even if I have a general idea of how things might go (I would say I’m right half of the time). At its simplest, I can actually sit here and entertain myself. For free. And, if I’m lucky, I might even be able to entertain other people as well. And if the writing gods are feeling REALLY generous, which they often are when you submit yourself to working hard at something you love, I might even get paid for it.

What would you love to get paid to do?

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  1. Wow, this is a great question, Mia. I used to say I’d love to get paid to write . . . and then that happened and it totally rocks. (And I hope it continues to happen . . . . ). But, other than that, I’d love to get paid to travel–to Italy, the South of France, Prague, you name it. I’d love to have gotten paid to have stayed home with my boys when they were little (okay, I got paid, just not monetarily). I’d love to get paid to plan parties. To cook. Oh, and here’s a good one–I’d love to get paid to read!

  2. Even before clicking on the “Comments,” I knew I’d love to get paid to read as well as “steer” readers into trying an author and/or genre new to them.

  3. Well, I’m pretty happy with my current day job. Aside from that, I wouldn’t mind making millions off my sewing hobby. Or taking pictures of my dog.

  4. I would love to get paid to read or travel. My favorite would be if I was paid when I spent time with my children. I’d be a millionaire in a week!

  5. Lovely question, Mia. I’d like to be offered a really nice piece of silver to portray a minor – but fascinating – character in the film adaptation of my novel, and then magnanimously present the money to a favourite charity. (Dream no small dreams, ladies.) Somehow being paid to carry a character into another media, make her live and breathe on celluloid (ok, whatever films are made of these days) really appeals to me…and then there’s the lovely bit about giving the money you’ve earned away….

  6. I would definatly love to be paid to read or to be paid to write but most of all I’d love to be paid to paint. Art is my stress relief, it’s my passion, its my favorite activity. If I could just create and know that whatever I do will be sent to a good home where it will be displayed, that would be my dream. Too bad artists don’t get famous until they’re dead. Oh well… Creative Writing degree, here I come ^.-

  7. I ask this question to so many of my friends who are unhappy at work. The responses are always so interesting. I took the plunge two years ago and decided to write. Thank goodness!

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