It’s No Mystery. Deb Susan Spann Pursued Her Passions. Lots Of Them.

susanbookCelebrating the Debs’ debuts this year has been a real honor. I’ve enjoyed my spot at the end of the week where I’ve chosen to focus not only on elements of the Deb’s book, but on the Deb herself.

Susan Spann’s exotic, historical, debut mystery novel, Claws Of The Cat, brings us full circle—it’s our last debut for 2013 and almost to the end of our tenure on the dance floor.

When I make a new friend I’m drawn in by a few things.  Intelligence, a sense of humor, having something in common, and, having some things not in common. I’ve found through the years that is my favorite way to learn new things, through the passions and experiences of someone I know.  With Deb Susan, right off the bat we had that author bond, and of course that debut author bond which I think even runs a bit deeper.  Did you know Deb Susan is also a publishing attorney? So that while no Debs were harmed in the making of this year at the Deb Ball, Deb Susan always privately could offer us her professional point of view and her thoughts on all things a little bit legal and the publishing industry in general. It was always great to sneak off the dance floor and read Susan’s posts on other blogs (shh! don’t tell the Debs). I found that being friends with Deb Susan allowed to me to really be a sponge. I learned so much without even trying. Does that make me lazy? Nah, it just makes me lucky!

What I loved most about Deb Susan this year was learning about her love of her aquarium. You’d have to be living under a coral reef not to have noticed the posts and the pictures. I’ve only ever had a goldfish in a bowl, so Deb Susan’s passion fascinated me and soaked up as much information as I could. (Water pun intended.)

And there, right in the midst of something we did not have in common is where a commonality appeared with conversation about a toy stuffed sea horse and a toy stuffed elephant. Props, if you will, used in both our families to convey the same messages.

Pursue your passion.  

Anything is possible. 

This is something debut author Susan Spann knows. She’s a wife, a mom, an attorney, an author, a blogger, and a friend. I’m not sure if she would consider her aquarium a hobby, I think it’s more than that. And she’s probably many more things than I’ve listed. I hope to continue to learn about all of them long after our turn on the dance floor has come to its end.


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  1. Deb Susan is truly a woman of many interests and talents. I live vicariously through her aquarium pictures, and as for the detailed world she’s created in her CLAWS OF THE CAT novel – my mind boggles. Another thing about Deb Susan – she has one of the kindest hearts beating and truly takes pleasure in helping people.

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