It’s The Launching of The Queen of Hearts!

It is the launch week for first of the 2018 Debs to debut—Kimmery Martin with THE QUEEN OF HEARTS!

THE QUEEN OF HEARTS had me at hello, which in this case, was the gorgeous cover. Really, what could be more perfect than an anatomical heart formed out of flowers against a gorgeous robin’s egg blue?


Do you remember all those quizzes based on female friendships, like Are You a Monica, a Phoebe, or a Rachel? Or Are You More of a Thelma or a Louise?

THE QUEEN OF HEARTS alternates POV between two lifelong friends, Emma and Zadie. They both are physicians—one a cardiologist, the other a trauma surgeon—and both married with children. With two strong female leads, my brain naturally went to the Which Character Are You? Quiz format for my post, and I’m Team Zadie all the way.





  1. I’m Lara, not Laura. She’s Zadie, not Sadie. I instantly connected with this girl who never had name pencils growing up and must have spent her life correcting teachers in class.


  1. She’s not prissy. Besides the whole blood and guts career path, I fell in love with this quote,

“Meanwhile, as a toddler, I’d aspired to be a bulldozer, a career plan that received the enthusiastic support of my older brother…Unfortunately, it soon became evident I did not have what it took to be an actual bulldozer, what with being human and all.”


  1. We both have uncontrollable hair that refuses to behave.

“I smiled, running my fingers through my hair, which had responded to its release from the ER cap by springing out in all directions in a belligerent pale brown explosion.”


  1. Zadie ate an entire pan of lasagna and looked like she was going to have a food baby. I admit nothing, but maybe there is something I resemble, I mean, relate to in this scene….



  1. Bathing Suit Trauma. Need I say more?



  1. No matter how capable she is at the hospital, at home, she is at the mercy of a precocious preschooler with a penchant for biting.



  1. In spite of all her failings, she loves deeply.



Read THE QUEEN OF HEARTS and tell me, which character are you?


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Author: Lara Lillibridge

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