January 7 News Flash!

Oh, Canada! Deb Tish Cohen just sold Canadian rights to WILL THE REAL ZOE LAMA PLEASE STAND UP?, the sequel to The Invisible Rules of The Zoe Lama to HarperCollins Canada. Today Canada, Tomorrow the World!

Grog Friends Giving It Up For The Debs! Seize a Daisy’s Larramie  will be featuring Mia King and her debut Good Things on her fabulous blog tomorrow! Do drop by. Good Things is the Debutantes first debut, and we’re gearing up for some great things in the month leading up to publication. Let’s kick it off right by visiting Seize A Daisy!

The Debutante Ball in the News! The Naples Sun Times ran a fabulous article on The Ball, complete with a really BIG photo of Deb Kristy (yikes!).

Exceptional Review! Debutante Eileen Cook’s In The Stars has received a glowing review: “Cook’s debut novel seems destined to climb to the top of the bestseller lists. It’s laugh-out-loud funny, and readers will immediately fall in love with her style. This book reaches a new level of comedy with its hilarious heroine, exhilarating plot and fresh new approach to this well-loved genre.” –Romantic Times – We’re sure it’s just the first of many!

New Links! Do visit sisters Ali and Ashley, Remarkable Reflections and Observations about Life, Money, Work, and Love…Brought to you by two ordinary sisters. Ah, but the Debs think they’re extraordinary.

Thinking Ahead! Good Housekeeping‘s fabulous new weekly magazine, Quick and Simple, will be featuring Deb Kristy Kiernan’s Catching Genius in their March 6th issue.

Exciting News From the Book World! Time to try something new, book lovers. XM Satellite Radio is expanding Kim Alexander’s Fiction Nation to a full half-hour, featuring essays, reviews, commentary and interviews with authors, actors, librarians – anyone involved in the literary life. “I try to keep an open mind and read a little of everything,” says Kim, “and the best part absolutely has been discovering amazing writers on their first or second books.” Sounds tailor-made for the Debutantes! Check out Fiction Nation on Take Five, XM 155 Saturdays at 6PM East, Sundays at 10:30AM East, premiering on Saturday, January 20th. You can contact Kim at kim.alexander (at) xmradio.com.

Debs on the Tube! Did you happen to catch Deb Anna David last night on CNN’s Hannity & Colmes, opining about the Trump/O’Donnell debacle? She showed up two hours later on Headline News’ Showbiz Tonight giving us insight into the pantyless Britney Spears. And did you SEE the massive Party Girl cover they flashed?

New Contest! Don’t forget that we have a new contest. Gotta be in it to win it, so stop over at the contest page and leave a comment so we know you’re entered!

4 Replies to “January 7 News Flash!”

  1. Eileen, so happy to read your glowing new book review. What writer wouldn’t want to hear, “Destined to climb to the top of the bestseller lists”? Congrats on selling your new book, Tish. So much has happened while I was away. I’m still a bit woozy from the effects of an evil Pina Colada (more about this on my blog), but am glad to see the world recognizing all you Debs for the marvelous girls you are!

  2. Slight clarification: Seize a Daisy’s post for tomorrow focuses on The Debutante Ball with the invitation to take a whirl around here. I hope some of my readers will put on their dancing shoes and come over to get acquainted with everyone. And, though there’s a link to Mia’s website on the post, the individual attention to her and GOOD THINGS (in a separate post) will appear in two weeks. At the end of February, Kristy and CATCHING GENIUS will be featured to be followed by Jennifer in March and so on and so on….

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