Launching A Book And A Friendship With Deb Kelly Harms

As Deb Kelly launches THE GOOD LUCK GIRLS OF SHIPWRECK LANE and as the 2013 Debs search for the 2014 Class for The Debutante Ball, I’m reminded of why we’re here.

Books and friendship.

When I first met Deb Kelly — the agent and editor turned author with a toddler — I wondered what we could have in common besides our impending book launches. Turns out, lots of things!

First of all, we’re both MOMS. Granted, her baby is a baby and my babies are grown, but that’s a bond you can’t get past. Sick kid? I know the feeling! Cute kid pictures? I’m so there!

Next, we’re both moms doing more than raising kids and writing books. So we have the busy-factor in common. And that fact that our BFFs are out-of-town (that’s something not everyone understands).

And, Deb Kelly has that helper-gene. She is always there with insights and advice if another Deb has a question she might be able to answer due to her background as an agent and editor. Her experience has allowed us to understand things from the other side of the desk. It’s something she doesn’t have to take the time to share, but she does.

Something I think we’ve all learned this year is that real life doesn’t stop when you launch a book. What? I know. It should. But it doesn’t. And the amazing thing about Deb Kelly (and Debs Kerry, Dana, and Susan) is that we’ve become part of each other’s real lives. So that’ll never stop, even when the books are no longer new, and the Debutante Ball has been handed off to the new Debs.

To celebrate the launch of Deb Kelly’s book, we are giving away one copy of THE GOOD LUCK GIRLS OF SHIPWRECK LANE – all you need to do for a chance to win is comment right here on the blog.  Also – if we reach 50 comments, Kelly will be giving away an artisan baker’s set, consisting of a high end 18 gauge half sheet pan, a chrome cooling grate, a silicone baking mat, and a cover. 

Also!!! The fun doesn’t stop there. Help Kelly get to 500 Likes on her Facebook Author Page, and you could win a lobster dinner for six, flown in FRESH from Maine. 




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