Life Post Ball By Deb Anna

Well, Kristy Kiernan‘s brainchild has made a seemingly seamless transition into its latest incarnation. And, after only a year, we founders — I feel like a bit of a fraud even calling myself a founder, as my big contribution to the group was a MySpace page that has been ever so sadly neglected (new Debs: please ask me for log-in information for it so I can pass that duty onto someone who will handle it much better than I ever did) — get to come back and visit.

Since coming out, Party Girl and I have gone through some changes. Well, actually, Party Girl has pretty much remained the same (though I can’t speak for the 55 used & new copies, not that I need to draw anyone’s attention to the fact that I’m still mildly obsessed with PG‘s ever-dwindling ranking). The one big change in PG‘s life is that, at long last, she was optioned. There were some exciting film rights offers but we decided to go with a television movie option because the producers behind it were so passionate and had such a specific plan for what to do. More information on this TK for certain.

And me? Well, I’m going to be spending the fall in New York. Why? Well, after two books about Los Angeles, and specifically Hollywood, I was both sick of the location/genre and being gently nudged by agent and editors to tackle some new material. This, doesn’t, of course, require one to relocate. The fact is, there isn’t an actual concrete reason I’m moving 3000 miles away for three months besides the fact that I can. Honestly, I’ve spent more than enough time lamenting the fact that I’m single and that my ovaries are potentially slowly atrophying and one day it occurred to me that I should embrace this current situation and do the kinds of things I won’t be able to when I have husband (and ideally child/ren) in tow. So I’ll be subletting a place on the Upper West Side with a fabulous friend and fellow Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys anthologist. Yes, the cats and I are going to be taking our show on the road. I’ll be in a writing workshop led by one of my all-time favorite writers and hopefully causing some trouble.

I can’t wait to hear about the changes that this year’s debs go through over the next year. Even if they don’t keep that old MySpace page up to date.

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  1. Congrats! And yes, run to NYC while you can. Enjoy. Soak up the East Coast air. When my book debuts I will be talking about which fiber works most quietly…. Look out, NYC, here comes a new Deb!


  2. Hey–congrats on the option, Anna. AND being brave enough to head to the city for a respite. It sounds like an exciting thing to do and what a great time to be in Manhattan! Hope it is an inspirational venture!
    (and BTW, my own MySpace page is also extremely neglected, so I can relate!)

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