Lyn’s Favorite Indie Bookstores

April 24, 2021 is National Independent Bookstore Day. To honor indie bookstores, I’m posting about my favorite ones. For me, there’s nothing like browsing in the aisles of a bookstore, surrounded by so many books and possibilities. I love books. So much.

I’m so honored that the bookstore in the town where I grew up, is going to be selling signed copies of my book for my launch. The Village Bookstore in Pleasantville, NY is a wonderful spot, filled with books of all genres and will lift any bookworm’s heart. I mean, look at this storefront!

You can order a signed copy of my book, The Tiger Mom’s Tale from them. I used to go to this store all the time (in its previous location) when I was in high school, so to have them carry my book is surreal. When I visited recently, I was so happy to see so many author friends’ books in the store.

Another indie bookstore I love is Books Are Magic in Brooklyn, NY. It is owned by author Emma Straub and is so supportive of authors. I love the vibe and was lucky to go to a book launch for Tanen Jones’ The Better Liar right before the pandemic hit and shut everything down. Maybe when things get safer, I might be able to do an event there!

And while Barnes and Noble isn’t technically an indie bookstore, I do have to give a shout out to the B & N on the Upper East Side of Manhattan (which has sadly closed its doors during the pandemic). I wrote a lot of my debut novel there, and used to wander the aisles, staring longingly at Berkley books (my dream imprint) and thinking that would never be me. Well, now that will be me, except that the B & N bookstore that I never dared to dream my book would be in, is now closed. This is the same bookstore where I had my first phone call with my editor Cindy Hwang, when she told me she loved my book. And this is the corner of the bookstore where I had that phone call with her, because I had to be in NYC for work that day and this was the quietest area I could find to have that so important phone call.

Cindy and I joked that we should have my book launch in that corner. But sadly, that will not happen now.

Please support your favorite indie bookstores by shopping from them. Many offer shipping and signed copies of your favorite author’s books. Thank you to all the independent bookstores out there for supporting authors and readers!