Maybe a Little Guilt, Ok, NOT

I love this week at The Deb Ball! We get to spill our silly secret pieces of happiness. It is a little embarrassing to admit these out loud, but hey, we writers have thick skin and can take the heat, right? (Pishaw)

Here we go:


Trashy magazines. Hey, I figure I cram my brain with only so many heavy duty resources about culture, history, war, etc, per day. I’m allowed a little dessert, right?


airplane drink

Having a cocktail on an airplane (or the airport)–especially during the day. Granted, they aren’t the most delicious variety, but it feels like something forbidden that I shouldn’t be doing, therefore, I love it.



Masterpiece Theater on BBC. I even love all the dorky British flicks from the 80s and 90s. I’m not sure what’s up with that.



Fun sneakers, particularly with the Euro-trash look.



Smoking a cigar with a glass of port around a campfire on a fall day or night. A few of my girlfriends and I started this tradition and continue it every year, even after babies.


What’s your secret guilty pleasure?

Author: Heather Webb

Heather Webb is the author of BECOMING JOSEPHINE, her debut historical (Plume/Penguin 2014). A freelance editor and blogger, she spends oodles of time helping writers hone their skills—something she adores. You may find her Twittering @msheatherwebb, hosting contests, or hanging around as a contributor to the Editor's Posts. She is also the Twitter mistress for the popular Writer Unboxed. She loves making new reader and writer friends. Stop on by her website, Between the Sheets!

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