My Great Writing Resolution…

Every year, I start a new journal. I love the clean page, writing Jan 1 (although not the creeping years slowly). I think I started my first journal more than two decades ago. Let’s just say it was not in this millennium.

“A new year! New Resolutions!” I would state, even though they were usually the same resolutions.

  1. Write a book.
  2. Lose Weight


Well, this year I don’t have to do #1.  And because of #1 I probably have to do more of #2. But it seems silly to make that a resolution I have to write down. Especially since everyone’s 10-year-reviews include gain and lose the same 20 lbs over and over again.

I did not do the 10-year-review. Maybe because it was not that dramatic. I actually MET my husband exactly ten years ago, and was already living in NYC, and even though we got engaged, married went through #infertility and had a kid, well, life isn’t ALL that different.

But I also am trying really really hard NOT to make resolutions this year. Not for writing or anything.

Sure, there are things I want to accomplish – like get my attention span back, do more writing from the heart, make my book successful, and yes, lose the proverbial weight. But maybe I know I don’t need one specific day for that. And that all the groundwork has already been laid for my book’s success, for quitting Facebook, for dieting. I know how to do all of this. And I trust myself that I can get it done. Jan 1, Jan 3. Feb 1.

And I don’t need a resolution for that.