My Most Perfect Day (Not).

My most perfect day was any day before the Coronavirus hit.

I woke up, took my daughter to school, then spent the day writing (or procrastinating on writing which I hope is the same thing. #goals). Then I thought about what I would write next, to whom I would sell it, and working on my book marketing plan.

And setting up book promotion events.

And calling the press.

It was annoying, sure. I didn’t appreciate it. Sure. I resented having to stop at 4:30. Sure.

And now I regret it all.

Who was to know that last week was a perfect week?

With all its petty annoyances, I had a workspace. I had a book tour. I could go outside. I could spend time exercising, surfing the internet. BEING ALONE.

And now everything has been cancelled, NYC is basically on lockdown and we’re stuck inside homeschooling our kid.

I wish I had been more appreciative of life last week.