My Most Perfect Day (Not).

My most perfect day was any day before the Coronavirus hit.

I woke up, took my daughter to school, then spent the day writing (or procrastinating on writing which I hope is the same thing. #goals). Then I thought about what I would write next, to whom I would sell it, and working on my book marketing plan.

And setting up book promotion events.

And calling the press.

It was annoying, sure. I didn’t appreciate it. Sure. I resented having to stop at 4:30. Sure.

And now I regret it all.

Who was to know that last week was a perfect week?

With all its petty annoyances, I had a workspace. I had a book tour. I could go outside. I could spend time exercising, surfing the internet. BEING ALONE.

And now everything has been cancelled, NYC is basically on lockdown and we’re stuck inside homeschooling our kid.

I wish I had been more appreciative of life last week.

Author: Amy Klein

Amy Klein is the author of "The Trying Game: Get Through Fertility Treatment and Get Pregnant Without Losing Your Mind," (Ballantine, 2020) based on her New York Times "Fertility Diary" column. Her writing on health, science, reproduction and essays has also appeared in Slate, Salon, The Washington Post, Aeon and more.