New Year’s Resolution Check-in – ROCKING IT

This week the Debs are checking in to see where we are with those resolutions we set forth during the first week of January.

Ok, here is what I resolved.

  1. Read 75+ books this year.
  2. Finish THE SECRET CHEF.
  3. Spit out a bunch of bylines about the world of ancient Rome and Apicius. That book promotion thing.
  4. Promote the hell out of FEAST OF SORROW.

I can safely say that I’m pretty much on track with all of these.

  1. I’ve read 52 books so far this year. I’ve actually even boosted my goal to 100 books this year and I think I’ll hit it, or come close!
  2. The book launch threw me off quite a bit when it came to sitting down and writing more, but I’m back on track now and my goal is to finish the book and have the draft cleaned up by the end of July. I’m SO excited about this book!
  3. I haven’t done as much in this arena as I still want to do, but fortunately I have a whole six months ahead of me.
  4. I’ve pulled out all the stops. Facebook ads, giveaways, networking galore, readings, literary festivals, and even dinner recreations of Apicius’s meals. It’s exciting to be able to take what I do in my professional life (social media, marketing and PR) and apply it to my own book!

How are you doing with your resolutions?

Author: Crystal King

Crystal King is a writer, culinary enthusiast and social media expert. Her writing is fueled by a love of history and an obsession with the food, language and culture of Italy. She has taught writing, creativity and social media at Grub Street and several universities including Harvard Extension School and Boston University. Crystal received her masters in critical and creative thinking from University of Massachusetts Boston. She lives with her husband and their two cats in the Boston area.

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  1. You go!! For the first time since having kids, I actually lost weight. Not down all the pounds I wanted to be, but it’s just nice to see progress.

    Oh yeah, and I finished the first draft of my WIP! Now polishing it up for PitchWars.

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