News Flash: January 1, 2012

From the 2012 Debs…

Deb Joanne – Deb Joanne is still recovering staying up VERY late last night (yes, anything past midnight qualifies as very late these days). But her biggest news, is that her cat, Chester, was famous for a day this week when he was featured on Galley Cat. Between that and co-starring in the Happy Holidays video, he’s starting to think he might need an agent.

Deb Erika wishes everyone a very Happy New Year!

Deb Molly is celebrating with her favorite New Year’s Baby: her mother! Happy birthday, Mamabackes!

Deb Linda is following the Grimes household tradition of holing up for New Year’s. Not going anyplace for New Year’s Eve is our favorite to celebrate — no dealing with all the crazies on the road!

Deb Rachel is packing up for trips to Boston and NYC, where she will be reading from MWF Seeking BFF on Jan. 4 and Jan. 9, respectively. She’d love to meet you there! (Here’s more info on the readings.)

Past Deb News

Deb Eileen Cook‘s The Education of Hailey Kendrick is now out in paperback and her brand new hardcover, Unraveling Isobel releases this week!

Friends of the Debs

Deb Guest Kathleen Grissom‘s novel The Kitchen House has been optioned for film by Lonetree Entertainment. Congratulations, Kathleen!

Deb Dish – What is your favorite New Year’s Eve Memory?

Deb Joanne – We have pretty low-key evenings for New Year’s- just hanging out with friends and eating way too much.  But I always remember when I was a teenager, I used to babysit on New Year’s.  Every year, just after midnight, my parents would call and wish me a happy new year.  I loved that and got used to waiting by the phone as the ball dropped on tv.  Even though they knew I’d see them a few hours later, it was like they couldn’t wait to wish me a happy new year.

Deb Erika I wouldn’t call it my FAVORITE NYE’s memory but it was a memorable one: I had learned there was to be a big blow-out party at a coastal location near my house in Maine and I had an inkling a certain dashing Argentinian I was still hung up on might be in attendance, so out I went (pre-cell phone, mind you) an hour north, out to the Point to the address I’d been given only to find the house dark and the site deserted. I waited there a few minutes before getting back in my car and driving the hour home, just in time to see the ball drop on TV.

Deb Molly The last night of 2003: I was home from New Mexico; BFF Cam came in from northern CO & BFF Ali came in from NY (and a week or two later she’d be leaving for a year of teaching in Lesotho). It was the first time we’d all been together since I’d moved away 6 months earlier, and the last time we’d be together until Cam’s wedding in 2006. We went out to hear Youngblood Brass Band play at the King Club in Madison. The band members are good friends of mine, & the club was packed with people I knew, many I hadn’t seen in years. We danced and drank and danced and toasted at midnight and threw confetti and kept dancing. It was a perfect storm of great friends, great music, and a great scene.

Deb Linda We tend have very low-key New Year’s celebrations, having gotten the huge parties out of the way Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and Boxing Day. The most memorable New Year’s Eve in recent history (and, like Deb Erika, I wouldn’t call it my favorite, precisely…) was about five or six years ago, when our heat pump gave out in the middle of a frigid spell. TG called the guy who handles the heating/ac at the theater, who came out on New Year’s Eve with a replacement for us. He actually didn’t seem to mind — apparently his date had cancelled on him. Brought his ancient Lhaso Apso, Romeo, with him. So while TG and Heating Guy worked out back, I sat in the den watching a Twilight Zone marathon with an extremely gassy Romeo snuggled up next to me on the sofa. After the installation was complete, TG and I rang in the new year with Heating Guy, who complained bitterly about the fickleness of women in general. Ah, good times.

Deb Rachel New Year’s Eve 2010 was pretty great. I was at a dear friend’s wedding, and ending the year with so many more friends than I started with. What more could a girl ask for?

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