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We Have a Winnah! The Debutantes are pleased to announce that Judy from Tifton, Georgia is the winner of our second contest! Judy will receive a fabulous postcard from each Deb, which will no doubt enliven and enrich her life, as well as an exciting mystery goody bag from Deb Kristy in Florida! Congratulations, Judy! If you’re terribly jealous of Judy’s great luck, then head over to the Contest page to enter next month’s contest. The winner of that one will receive postcards, and a mystery goody bag from Deb Jennifer in Vermont. She promises to not send snow!

Debs in Review! Deb Kristy Kiernan’s Catching Genius has had a good week! BookPage calls it a “stunning debut,” “mesmerizing,” and “a must read…” Publisher’s Weekly says it’s “a moving novel about forgiveness and the fragility of family,” and Harriet Klausner deems it “a delightful look at how childhood relationships make the adults…readers will appreciate Kiernan’s poignant look at the changing relationship between two sisters.”

Asian Pop Deb? Fascinating article featuring Deb Mia King, author of Good Things, in the SF Chronicle. Is chick lit really dead, or are Asian Americans breathing new life into it? Does race matter in fiction to readers? To writers? Publishers? Good stuff here, folks…

lotterycover-thumb.jpgFriends of the Site! A favorite milestone has been reached by debut author of LOTTERY, Patricia Wood: her cover is in! Looks great, Patricia, congratulations on this exciting step!

Mystery Fans! Mystery Writers of America (MWA) has launched a website for the Edgar Awards, or “Edgars,” offering visitors everything they want to know about the awards, Edgar Week activities, nominees, and details on the award ceremony. Purchase tickets for the Edgar Awards Banquet hosted by Al Roker with special guest Stephen King there, and aspiring crime writers can learn about the Edgar Symposium, a day of panels featuring the biggest names in the mystery world.

6 Replies to “News Flash”

  1. Congratulations, Judy, you’re in for some treats!

    What glowing praise, Kristy. Having finished GOOD THINGS, I’m counting the days to CATCHING GENIUS!

    And, Mia, are you on a roll (pun intended) or what???

  2. Thanks so much, y’all. I’m so excited and can hardly wait for all my goodies. And, congratulations on all the good news! I’m so pleased for you all. Can’t wait to read all the books… got places reserved for them on my bookshelf already!

  3. Wow!! Mia I am totally holding you responsible for my lack of sleep the past two days because I couldn’t put the book down until it was finished!! I at times wished I was Deidre hanging out and baking in the middle of a peaceful small town! Can’t wait to try the recipes! Hurry up on your next book… I’ll be the first to buy it!

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