Deb News Flash: Past and Present


Congratulations to Elle G. for winning a copy of THE FEMALE OF THE SPECIES by Mindy McGinnis! 

News from former Debs

2016 Deb Louise Miller is “thrilled, honored & crazy-happy” that THE CITY BAKER’S GUIDE TO COUNTRY LIVING was in last Sunday’s NYT Book Review!!!!! – Check it out:

2014 Deb Lori Rader-Day, author of LITTLE PRETTY THINGS and THE BLACK HOUR will be a keynote speaker at the 2017 Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers Colorado Gold Conference. Congratulations, Lori!

News from the 2017 Debs

Jenni L. Walsh is happily working on line edits for BECOMING BONNIE. She’s very excited to complete this step, which brings her closer to holding an advance copy in her hands. She also got a peek at her cover this week and she LOVES it! Jenni can’t wait to show you all!









Tiffany D. Jackson is in Washington D.C doing a little research for her second novel.

Lynn K. Hall received her first trade review and is elated (also incredibly relieved) Kirkus Reviews had nice things to say! You can check it out here.

Amy Poeppel had a busy week! Her good friends, April Benasich and James Melcher, hosted a “Galley Party” for her – It was a fun celebration to generate enthusiasm about the book, as well as a chance for Amy to say thank you to the amazing people who have been instrumental in getting SMALL ADMISSIONS published. Amy was thrilled to drink champagne with fellow Deb Tiffany Jackson and to get to meet the fabulous Wednesday Martin, author of PRIMATES OF PARK AVENUE.


Crystal King is back from her research trip to Italy but spent the week recovering from a fairly nasty cold. On a brighter note, however, she’s ready to start in on what may be the final round of edits on FEAST OF SORROW!



Author: Amy Poeppel

Amy Poeppel grew up in Dallas, Texas and left the south to attend Wellesley College. Since then, she has worked as an actor, a high school English teacher, and most recently as the Assistant Director of Admissions at a school in New York City. Her three fabulous boys are all off in Boston attending school, and she and her husband now split their time between New York and Frankfurt, Germany. A theatrical version of SMALL ADMISSIONS was workshopped at the Actors Studio Playwrights/Directors Unit. She later expanded it into her first novel.