NEWS FLASH–More Books to Launch Edition

newsCongratulations to Patty Smith, winner of Heather Young’s THE LOST GIRLS!

Check back next week, where we will announce the winner of this weeks giveaway, our own Aya de Leon’s UPTOWN THIEF!

From the 2016 Debs:

Louise Miller is thrilled that The City Baker’s Guide to Country Living was featured in Read Simple Magazine’s The Best New Books to Read This Month article! She is a little teary, all the time, as she approaches her book launch on Tuesday.

Jennifer S. Brown spent all the days of the week in New York at the public library researching Prohibition and all the nights meeting some of her favorite writers and doing hands-on speakeasy research.

Heather Young  Is still on a launch high!

Abby Fabiaschi is in the process of scheduling events! She’s thrilled to use the book as an excuse to see pals around the country.

Aya de Leon is dazed and confused as she recovers from her launch. Meanwhile, her daughter asked to read UPTOWN THIEF. Aya refused (sex! violence! nudity!) but offered to make a children’s book version called MARISOL FIGHTS BACK. Aya finished the children’s book this week, illustrated it with photos, and ordered a single copy off the internet. And at the same time, she is nervous to open the email with notes from her editor on Book #2 in the series, THE BOSS.

Author: Louise Miller

Louise Miller is the author of THE CITY BAKER'S GUIDE TO COUNTRY LIVING (Pamela Dorman Books/Viking/August 9, 2016), the story of a commitment-phobic pastry chef who discovers the meaning of belonging while competing in the cut-throat world of Vermont county fair baking contests. Find out more at

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