News Flash! March 25, 2007

Debs in Review! Sandi of CK2S Kwips and Kritiques gave Good Things 5 out of 5 clovers! “I have to be truthful and tell you that I didn’t get a good read. I got a great read! This first effort by this new author had me turning pages late into the night, and taking every opportunity presented to me to read until the last page was turned. If I were a keeper of books Good Things would make it to my keeper shelf. I look forward to what might be forthcoming from Ms. King.”

Debs x4 – Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is! Good Things, Catching Genius, Promise Not to Tell and Town House were in the March 15, 2007 Library Journal feature article, “Great Expectations: Forthcoming Debuts” which was picked up on the wire by CNN!

Unpredictable – Keeps the Dance Going! Due to strong foreign sales and great early reviews – Berkley has made the decision to make Unpredictable/In the Stars a lead title! Wa-hoo! The marketing machine will need time to rev up so the publication date has been moved to Feb 2008 – that is one way to keep the deb dance going. Mark it on your calendars!

Play It Again, Deb! The Debutantes are giddy to announce that Kristy Kiernan’s Catching Genius has officially gone to a second printing two weeks after its release! Fingers crossed for #3!

Debs on the Web! This week, Catching Genius by Deb Kristy is featured at Campaign for the American Reader, The Page 69 Test, and Authorlink. Way to work the room!

Friends of the Debs! The fabulous Judy Merrill Larsen, author of All The Numbers, has entered the blogging world with Not Afraid of the F Word (is that a title, or what?). Go check her out, and tell her The Debs sent ya!

A Deb Does the Daisy! Good friend and supporter of The Debutantes, Larramie, will be featuring Deb Jennifer and Promise Not to Tell on her wonderful blog, Seize a Daisy, this Monday 3/26. Check it out! Thanks, Larramie!

We Love a Good Contest! We have a new Postcard Contest running! Visit our Contest page for more information on how you can get a postcard from each of the Debs, plus a goody gift from one of us as well! It’s free! It’s easy! And it’s fun!

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  1. Thanks so much for plugging my blog–would that be called “plogging”? Or maybe “blugging”?

    Anyway, thanks for inlcuding me in all your good news. You Debs rock!

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