News Flash: April 24, 2011

From the 2011 Debs…

Deb Eleanor is at Over the Moon Bookstore in Crozet, VA (near Charlottesville) this Thursday at 6 pm. Come say hello! And if you’re reading this early Sunday morning, tune in to the Today Show for John Searles’ spring book picks. I have it on good authority there’s a little Deb surprise in there for ya!

Deb Tawna is currently doing line-edits for her August debut. Seeing the manuscript laid out as an actual book (as opposed to a mere Word document) is both thrilling and terrifying.

Deb Kim has a new wrting gig! I was invited to write for MSNBC’s MomsTODAY group site. My first post about the texting bus driver is HERE.

Deb Dish — In Honor of the Easter Bunny… any Close Encounters with Costumed Characters (in the mall or elsewhere)?

Deb Elise

Forgive me if I’ve told this story before — I can’t remember — but at my first Walt Disney World Marathon, I was so excited that I ran as fast as I could… which is not very fast, but for me it was speedy.  I heard two gazelle-legged guys chatting to one another as they ran beside me, “This is great — we’re starting out at an easy nine-minute mile.”

There’s no such thing as an “easy nine-minute mile” for me.  If’ I’m running a nine-minute mile, I’m pushing it.  But on that day, it felt like flying.  I didn’t dream of stopping.

By mile 14 I was walking… with a limp.

By mile 17 a guy on crutches passed me.

But the kicker was Mile 20, when a very excited Donald Duck appeared on the sidelines, eagerly rooting for me (with body language, of course) to go-go-go!!!!

I cursed him out.  It seemed appropriate at the time.

Deb Eleanor

At the end of a truly exhausting and stressful week, I was spending the weekend at a resort near Universal Studios in Orlando. I dragged myself to the elevator, wanting nothing more than to head to bed. When the doors opened, I was greeted by none other than Woody Woodpecker. Woody gave kind of a half-hearted wave, and his two handlers sheepishly moved to the side so we could get in the elevator.

“You know what?” I asked. “This is actually not the weirdest thing that has happened to me this week.”

Deb Kim

My neighbor has these shiny blue tights that he wears at night in his living room window while he… Wait. I was channeling Tawna. Well, if I think back, visiting the Easter Bunny at London’s Department Store in Attleboro, Mass was my favorite holiday treat as a child. And I had a great Easter bunny costume that I wore in 3rd grade to deliver baskets to my friends in the neighborhood. Happy Easter and Passover!

Deb Sarah

Thank heavens, none for me! I do not like men in bunny costumes.

Deb Tawna

When I was two, my dad took me to see a furry, costumed creature called Cinnamon Bear. He was a fixture at a local department store at Christmas as an alternative to the countless Santa Clauses. The line to see Cinnamon Bear stretched across the entire store, so my dad and I settled in for a long wait. After 20 minutes, a friend of my dad’s strolled past and stopped to say hello. My dad took his eyes off me for only a few seconds, but that was all I needed to make my escape. When he looked down, I was gone. Frantic, my father began scouring the store calling my name and peering under clothes racks. As it turned out, he didn’t have to look far. I had crawled through the endless maze of legs in line and found my way into Cinnamon Bear’s lap.

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  1. Kim, that is awesome! (About the Moms Today, not your neighbor).

    And Elise, you make me laugh. Though I probably would have cursed out the guys with the “easy nine-minute mile” AND Donald Duck.

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