News Flash: December 12, 2010

From the 2011 Debs…

Elise Allen ARCDeb Elise has her ARCS!!!!  They’re now OUT THERE, most notably on Net Galley — she keeps hearing from wonderfully awesome bloggers who have already downloaded it and added it to their “to read” pile.  Elise is insanely excited, and only a little bit nervous, breathing into a paper bag just a few times an hour.

Past Deb News…

Sarah Pekkanen has reviewed another book for The Washington Post — the terrific “Fated.”  Here’s her review

Friends of the Debs…

Do you like YA and Middle Grade novels?  Want to read some terrific new ones from debut authors this year?  Come join The Story Siren for the 2011 Debut Author Challenge!  The goal is to read at least twelve books, and anyone can sign up for the challenge.  Kristi (the Siren herself) has put together a large (and still growing) list of debuts from which you can choose, so if you like YA, head on over and sign up!

Deb Dish — We Can’t Leave the House Without…

Deb Elise

I’m with Eleanor — a book.  I feel completely lost if I don’t have a book with me to read while pumping gas, waiting in line, driving a particularly boring stretch of road… okay, I don’t really do that last one, but if it’s a particularly good book, I often wish I could.

Deb Eleanor

Something to READ!  Nothing annoys me more than being caught in a line somewhere without a good book.

Deb Kim

My Kindle. My cell phone.

Deb Sarah

My water bottle (I’m addicted to water–a chronic sipper while I drive, shop, you name it), juice boxes for my boys (I have a huge bag, and I am constantly wondering why it gets so heavy–hello 14 juice boxes inside!), epi pens for my son’s severe nut allergy, my Blackberry (I’m obsessed, I’ll admit), and chapstick.

Deb Tawna

My dog. She hears the car keys and practically hurls herself at the door trying to go with me. It was easier when I worked from home, since she could ride along just about anywhere I went. Since I started working part-time in an actual office, I’ve had to break it to her gently that she’s not invited everywhere. She believes I’m mistaken.

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    1. Aren’t those ears the craziest? Hard to say no to that face. And speaking of faces, I had to do a double take when I saw that pic of you with your ARC. Too funny!


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