News Flash: February 12, 2012

From the 2012 Debs…

Deb Joanne is working hard on her page proofs for SMALL MEDIUM AT LARGE.

Deb Erika is STILL trying to decide if Pinterest or tumblr is something she should take up. (And asks if any of our friends might care to chime in on the subject in the comments.)

Deb Rachel  has posted a discussion guide for book clubs reading MWF Seeking BFF. She’s also happy to Skype into book clubs who want to do an author chat!

Past Deb News

Deb Sarah Pekkanen is thrilled to announce that rights to her upcoming novel THESE GIRLS have sold in Poland at auction in a two-book deal, along with rights to SKIPPING A BEAT. SKIPPING A BEAT has also hit the bestseller list in Italy and will be re-released in mass paperback this summer.

Deb Sarah Jio revealed the cover for her upcoming release, BLACKBERRY WINTER. Check it out here. Gorgeous, Sarah! We can’t wait!

Lots of news for Deb Eleanor this week! THE WEIRD SISTERS is the first book to be picked for Penguin’s Twitter Book Club and The Washington Post listed it on their New in Paperback list!

Deb Dish – Since we are nearing Valentine’s Day, who is your favorite literary romantic couple?

Deb JoanneAnne Shirley and Gilbert Blythe- shocker, eh?

Deb Erika just KNEW Anne and Gilbert would get picked but she’s seconding that vote. I might also put in a vote for Titania and Bottom from A Midsummer Night’s Dream–sure she’s not in her right mind, but for a short time they make a wonderfully mismatched couple.

Deb Linda — Hmm. Tough one. I think I’m going to have to go with Scarlett and Rhett. I know, I know–how uninspired of me. But, seriously, I read Gone With the Wind at least ten times before the age of thirteen. What can I say? It made an impression on me.