News Flash: January 23rd, 2011

CONTEST! Congrats to Yahong Chi, who won a signed copy of Delilah Marvelle’s book Prelude to a Scandal!

From the 2011 Debs…

Deb Kim: I’ll be in San Diego tonight! Tune in to see me on Fox San Diego at 8:30 Mon and on CW’s San Diego Living on Tues am (not sure exact airtime for my segment.) And please come join me at the Carmel Mountain Border’s at 6:30pm on Tues 1/25. 11160 Rancho Carmel Dr. San Diego.

Deb Eleanor had a fabulous launch week – thank you to my fellow Debs for your unwavering support.

I’m on the road this week – DC, PA, FL – check it out at my Events page!

You can see The Weird Sisters in this week’s People – the one with Nicole Kidman on the cover.

There was also a fabulous profile in USA Today and much, much more!  Catch up on my Facebook page or on Twitter!

Deb Sarah is excited to share that super-novelist Jodi Picoult blurbed her book! Read about what she had to say about The Violets of March here!

Past Deb News…

Deb Katie Alender’s Book 2 in the Bad Girls Don’t Die series, From Bad to Cursed, will be available in June 2011! Visit her website for more news  HERE.

Deb Jenny Gardiner has a funny (of course) and sparkling post on cleaning the house over at Tote Bags N Blogs.

Deb Dish

Most Random Person with whom the Debs Have Reconnected (ideally, but not necessarily, thanks to their books and/or blogs)

Deb Elise

My college roommate reads this blog!  I got an email from her soon after we started here, and hadn’t spoken to her since graduation, so that was very cool.  It’s astounding she even wanted to talk to me at all — the woman deserves hazard pay for living with me and my mess.  Though Ali and I started in a double, we eventually wound up in a triple, and she and our other roommate hung a tarp over my section of the room that read “Caution: Danger Zone.”  It was not inaccurate.

Deb Eleanor

The day my review appeared in the New York Times, I got an email from one of my very favorite college professors – I haven’t spoken to her in years and it was wonderful to hear from her.

Deb Kim

I found the boy with whom I got tossed from 6th grade for…. you’ll have to read the book to find out, it was pretty bad!… on FB and we had quite a laugh. He’s in the military now and that added to the “we did what?” moment.  Our clothes were ON. And… I met BOB McGrath from Sesame Street the night of my first book event, which will be imprinted in my mind forever as one of the happiest moments of my life.  BOB!

Deb Sarah

My best friend from elementary school—4th grade, to be exact—who found me on Facebook! She’s a dear, and I love that we occasionally send emails back and forth about the good old days in Mr. Raymond’s class at Brownsville Elementary. For my 10th birthday party, she gave me a mug with my name and it’s meaning on it (my name means “princess,” if you must know), and guess what? That very same mug is in my kitchen right now!

Deb Tawna

I’ve reconnected with the usual array of high school and college pals, but I’m actually more fascinated by the total strangers I’ve met and bonded with through social media. A year ago, my agent nudged me into Twitter and blogging, and I quickly discovered an amazing array of writing pals. Right now, I’m 3,000 miles from home where I flew to meet longtime critique partner Cynthia Reese (with whom I’ve swapped manuscripts for 6+ years but have never met in person). I also arranged to meet with three other writer pals whose names I’d never heard a year ago, but who have generously offered to pick me up at airports, lend me their guest rooms, or join me for a glass of wine. In the event that Elizabeth Flora Ross, Linda Grimes and Harley May turn out to be ax murderers, you’ll know where to start searching for my body.

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  1. I dragged my feet for a year about FB. I’m not convinced it’s not 75% sillydrivel – but I am fully hooked! My page is Kim Rossi Stagliano and my book page is All I Can Handle – see you there! 🙂

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