News Flash: Keeping in Touch with the Deb Class of 2014

newsThis isn’t a final goodbye, but a fare-thee-well until we next meet online (or maybe in person!). And, this probably isn’t news to anyone: We’re going to miss being Debs and miss all of you.

Keep in touch by bookmarking the individual blogs of all the 2014 Debs:

Lisa Alber has just reprised her blog. You can also find her at, Twitter, and Facebook. This week a Northern California book club picked KILMOON, and she got invited to talk at a mystery book series held on the Oregon coast. Her first honorarium!

Susan Gloss can be found on her website or her blog, Glossing Over It. The paperback version of her novel, VINTAGE, comes out in just 2 days. Look for it at Target, your local bookstore, or online!

Lori Rader-Day blogs at Keep watch over there for more events for THE BLACK HOUR and (very soon) to see the cover for her second novel, LITTLE PRETTY THINGS! Also follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

Natalia Sylvester hopes you’ll stop by to chat on her blog, or hang out with her every once in a while on Facebook or Twitter. She’s got several events coming up soon and who knows? Perhaps we’ll cross paths and meet IRL!

Heather Webb would love to see you at her blog at, or chit chat on Twitter or Facebook. Or hey, check out her touring schedule. This girl is always on the road and would love to meet you.


Author: Lori Rader-Day

Lori Rader-Day is the author of the mystery THE BLACK HOUR (Seventh Street Books, July 2014). She grew up in central Indiana, but now lives in Chicago with her husband and very spoiled dog.

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