News Flash: March 18, 2012

Congrats to Bonnie, winner of a copy of Kristina McMorris’s book Bridge of Scarlet Leaves!

From the 2012 Debs…

Deb Erika is excited to see that the South Carolina Book Festival has posted some of its presenting authors–including Deb Erika!–for this year’s event, May 18-20, in Columbia, SC. (And Deb Friend Therese Fowler is scheduled to be there too! So looking forward to meeting her!)

Deb Molly will be teaching a 4-week class called “Start Your Novel Now” beginning Monday, April 2, at StoryStudio Chicago.

Past Deb News

Deb Tawna visited with Romance at Random for a great guest post and to talk about her newest release BELIEVE IT OR NOT!

Deb Eleanor tells us THE WEIRD SISTERS now has an official wine after her reading at the Parker Library in Colorado–AND in even BETTER news, THE WEIRD SISTERS is #8 in its 5th week on the NYT Bestsellers list and at #3 on the Indie Bestsellers list, and #1 on the Southern Indie Bestsellers list! We’ll toast to that, dear Eleanor!

Deb Sarah Pekkanen is among the featured authors at the upcoming Gaithersburg Book Festvial on Saturday, May 19th! And joining her will be Deb Friends Sarah McCoy, Matthew Quick, Alex George and Siobhan Fallon!

Deb Dish – Pick one song that one of your characters would be listening to right now…

Deb JoanneLilah from SMALL MEDIUM AT LARGE is a big fan of Florence + The Machine. And since she’s just learning how to drum, she thinks she could probably even keep up with this song (Hot for Teacher is way beyond her limited skills):

Deb Erika knows that on a day this unseasonably warm LITTLE GALE GUMBO’s Camille would undoubtedly be listening to Billie Holiday’s Summertime:

Deb Molly suspects that Paige Sheridan would be listening to Cady Groves’ “This Little Girl” on constant repeat for much of her senior year…. (but predicts that she’ll go through an Ani phase once she gets to college).

Deb Linda suspects her MC, Ciel Halligan, who grew up listening to her grandfather’s old Rat Pack records in her parents’ basement, is holed up somewhere listening to Frank Sinatra croon “I’ve Got a Crush on You.”


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  1. Great news all around! Eleanor, I will be buying a bottle of Middle Sister wine ASAP! 🙂

    And thanks for the great music vids! I tried to find a good one for good ol’ Frank, but he was a little before the times in that regard. *grin*

    1. I think we’re ending our soundtrack week on a great note! (Sorry, I couldn’t resist! 😉 )

      Cheers to all–and looking forward to next week’s comfort food menu!

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