News Flash: May 13, 2012

Congratulations to Jasmine Rose, winner of a copy of The Mapmaker and the Ghost!

The winner of Deb Molly’s Launch Week Giveaway will be announced on Wednesday!

From the 2012 Debs…

Deb Joanne – would like to wish all of the Moms out there-and particularly my mom, who is also celebrating her 29th birthday (again) today-a very happy Mother’s Day! Also, I was able to meet Founding Deb Eileen Cook this past week and even took her home to meet Deb Mom Marcia, who cooked a huge meal which included KUGEL. Sorry other Debs, I know you’re jealous. It was great seeing Eileen who is even more delightful in person than online, if you can believe that.

Deb Erika I’m so excited to be a part of the South Carolina Book Festival in Columbia, SC, next weekend, May 19-20th! I’ll be presenting on two panels–one of which with our Deb Friend Therese Fowler! For those of you who will be in the area, I hope you’ll come by–and if not, I will do my best to provide pics! (And yes, Deb Erika is VERY jealous of that kugel–and speaking of which: Happy Mother’s Day to our resident Deb Mom Marcia!)

Deb Molly just celebrated the launch of The Princesses of Iowa with over 100 people at her Hometown Launch Party! Huge thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate with us! (And a big thanks to Mamabackes for helping to organize the whole thing!) The Chicago Launch Party is next Friday, May 18, at StoryStudio Chicago — come join us!

Deb Linda wants to wish Deb Mom Marcia a Very Happy Birthday, and a Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!

Deb Rachel will be reading from MWF Seeking BFF this Wednesday at Books & Books in Coral Gables, Florida. She’d love to meet you!

Past Deb News

Deb Eleanor and Deb Sarah Pekkanen will be at the Gaithersburg Book Festival next Saturday, May 19th, in Gaithersburg, MD! Among our beloved Debs in attendance will also be lots of Deb Guests, including Matthew Quick, Alex George, Samuel Park, Sarah McCoy, and Siobhan Fallon!

Deb Sarah Jio announced that the e-book for her upcoming release BLACKBERRY WINTER is now available for pre-order at several sites, including Amazon and B&N–great news!

Deb Friends

Deb Guest Jennifer Gooch Hummer wrote a piece for Psychology Today on Mother’s Day–read it here!

Deb Dish – In honor of Mother’s Day (and next week’s theme) who is one of your favorite literary Moms?

Deb Joanne – I was thinking about this earlier – these kinds of posts always make me draw blanks, but I think probably Marilla Cuthbert from ANNE OF GREEN GABLES. She wasn’t a mother at the beginning of the book; more of a guardian, really. But by the end, she was as much a mother to Anne as if she’d given birth to her. She was flawed and sometimes crabby and strict, but boy, she sure loved that Anne Shirley with a fierce passion.

Deb Erika would have to include Ma Ingalls! She made it look so easy–and was always so calm and collected and cheery. And I know she was a mouse, but how about Mrs. Frisby from Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH! She was a serious Momma bear for a, well, mouse.

Deb Molly I have always loved Bessie Glass from JD Salinger’s books, particularly as she’s portrayed in Franny and Zooey — even though her kids are merciless in their teasing, it’s clear that they adore her, and she them, even though she never seems to know quite what to do with them all. And Lillian Gilbreth from Cheaper by the Dozen — even though she’s the mother of twelve children, she’s always portrayed as being this wonderfully intelligent, wise, funny woman (and she was a real person!).

Deb Linda When I was a kid, I loved Helen Belden, junior sleuth Trixie Belden’s “Moms.” She was kind and practical, and always there for her kids. Now I adore Charity Carpenter from Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files series. She’s a full-time homemaker, amateur blacksmith, and master swordswoman. Oh, and a great cook. What more can you ask for in a mother?

Deb Rachel These are such obvious choices but I have to say them — Marmee from Little Women and Harry Potter’s Molly Weasley. When she takes out Bellatrix in The Deathly Hallows? Epic!

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  1. Aw, man. I wish I could go to the Gaithersburg Book Festival to meet some past Debs! Alas, I will be down south that weekend. Even alas-er, not far enough south to go to the South Carolina Book Festival to meet Deb Erika. (Someday!)

    Jennifer, great piece in Psychology Today!

      1. Pssst…one of my Mother’s Day gifts was a bottle of Blanton’s single barrel bourbon, so it will be a Very Good Manhattan tonight. 😉

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