News Flash: November 6, 2011

Congrats to Marg, winner of a copy of Alicia Bessette’s A Pinch of Love!

From the 2012 Debs…

Deb Joanne is very pleased to announce that SMALL MEDIUM AT LARGE is now available for pre-order from Amazon and!  More stores to come soon.

Deb Erika is so looking forward to her first call-in with a book club this week! She can’t wait to talk with readers about Little Gale Gumbo!

Past Deb News

Deb Tawna Fenske was elated earlier this week to learn her debut romantic comedy, Making Waves, was nominated for best contemporary romance in the RT Book Reviews 2011 Reviewers’ Choice Awards. The field was comprised of more than 3,000 books reviewed this past year, and the awards ceremony is in Chicago in April.

Deb Katie Alender announced the third book in her Bad Girls Don’t Die series is called As Dead As It Gets and comes out next May 15th! Click here to read more and see the cover!

Friends of the Debs

Deb Guest Ally Carter will be in Montreal on Sunday, November 13th appearing at the Jewish Public Library. Visit her website for more details!

Deb Dish — Worst email blunder you ever made?

Deb Joanne – Oh dear. I once sent a note to a co-worker to complain about another co-worker and didn’t realize until too late that I’d typed the address of the person I was complaining ABOUT in the TO box. I felt SO horrible, but luckily it wasn’t a terribly insulting e-mail and I was able to safe face by fessing up and making a joke of it.  Needless to say, I learned my lesson and NEVER send complaint e-mails anymore.  Okay, that’s not entirely true.  But at least, when I do it now, I am careful to check names three or four times before I send.  


Deb Erika At one of my previous jobs, there was an all-company memo (from the head of the company) sent out regarding a need for quick turnover of seating at the upcoming holiday party because of less space. I made some snarky comment about it, thinking I was sending it to my friend, but hit reply instead of forward. Oh. No. The gentleman was just that–utterly forgiving, but I was still shaking when I left work hours later. Like so many things in life, it takes one of those experiences to make you pause. Trust me, I still take a beat before hitting the reply button on every email. Just to be sure.

Deb Linda One of the first email queries I sent still makes me cringe when I think about it. You were supposed to include the first five pages of the ms in the body of the email, which I did. Unfortunately, I didn’t check the formatting very carefully before I hit send, and though it looked fine on the screen, all the paragraphing went bye-bye out there in cyberspace. That’s how I learned never to copy & paste from directly from Word into an email. (Why no, I never did hear back from that agent. Which, in retrospect, is just as well. But still, totally embarrassing. *grin*)

Deb Rachel I’m lucky to have so far avoided the big career email mistakes. I think in general my worst email problem is writing emotional (or, let’s be honest, melodramatic) messages that should live forever in my “drafts” folder, and instead–in a moment of pure insanity–I hit send.

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