News Flash: October 16, 2011

From the 2012 Debs…

Deb Rachel has a new pub date! MWF Seeking BFF will be out on December 20, 2011. Just in time for holiday gifts. A present for your bestie, perhaps?

Deb Erika still can’t stop sneaking into bookstores and checking out copies of Little Gale Gumbo on the New Release table, but she’s fairly sure her young daughters are growing weary of her antics.

Deb Molly is finally allowed to reveal her COVER!

Past Deb News

Deb Jenny’s novel SLIM TO NONE was the Kindle Daily Deal on Monday, catapulting her novel to number One on the Kindle Bestsellers list! It also sent SLEEPING WITH WARD CLEAVER up to the top 50!

Hilary Duff and Deb Elise have been enjoying great reviews for their novel, Devoted, including this one at Emilie’s Book World!

Friends of the Debs

For those of you who are–or will be–in the Madison, Wisconsin area this Friday, October 21st, Deb Guest Kelly O’Connor McNees will be at the Wisconsin Book Festival.

Deb Dish — With Halloween fast approaching…which candy was always the first and last to be eaten from your stash?

Deb Joanne – oh, candy. Halloween at the Levy house was always a weird holiday filled with strife and angst. See, I have three older brothers AND a mother with a sweet tooth (I know you were into my candy, too, Mom!), so my bowl of goodies always got depleted before I could finish it, savoring only a few treats at a time. BUT, that said, I loved the mini chocolate bars: Kit Kat, Snickers and the like, and those always went first. Most loathed of the treats were candy corn (ugh) and those weird toffee things that I think were mocha-flavored and were super-hard and would pull out loose teeth. Blech.  I think Mom used to deem them ‘unsafe’ when she was going through my goodies upon arrival back at home, although I never did see them in the garbage. Hmmmm.

Deb Erika There really isn’t a candy I don’t like. There is film footage of me as a kid stuffing my face within minutes of our return to the house after our Halloween trek. I had a sort of street dog mentality about candy, as in “eat it before it’s taken away,” and frankly it’s still unwise to get too close to my candy to this day. I’m not much for sharing. But that said, first to be eaten was usually a Snickers mini or Sugar Babies or Milk Duds. The chewier, the stickier, the better. Actually I do remember letting the Twizzlers fade away. But everything else was consumed.

Deb Molly We used to trick-or-treat at the farms, in a rural area where your nearest neighbor might be five miles down the road. Because houses in the country only ever got a few trick-or-treaters a year, they always had the best treats — full sized candy bars, freshly baked brownies, homemade popcorn balls. I remember one place where the farmer kept the Halloween candy in the dairy barn so he could milk the cows between trick-or-treaters, and every year at least one farm had a new litter of kittens to pet. So I guess my favorite Halloween treat is a warm brownie and a kitten to nom.

Deb Rachel I never ate the Almond Joys or Mounds or Baby Ruths. I’m not sure why, though. I think I’d just never tried them, and they seemed weird. When I was little I was such a picky eater that almond and coconut and nougat sounds weird. Fail on my part. Now I love them all! As for the first, it depended on the year. But Butterfingers were pretty quick into my stomach. Same for Twizzlers. 

Deb Linda Mmmm. Halloween candy. Excuse me while I have a moment. *drools* I was always egalitarian when it came to Halloween candy — I tried to show my love without favoritism. But in my heart of hearts (wait…that would be Valentine’s Day, wouldn’t it?) I always loved milk chocolate the most. Still do. But anything chewy and fruity, like Starburst or Skittles, is a close second. And I do love licorice. Not enough to trade my chocolate for it, like my brothers always wanted me to do, but I certainly wouldn’t throw it out. The worst? Probably Milk Duds or Sugar Babies, or anything really sticky like that. Not that I didn’t like how they tasted — I was just afraid they’d pull my fillings out.


8 Replies to “News Flash: October 16, 2011”

  1. Rachel, I’m so glad MWF will be out in time for my holiday shopping!

    Erika, I’ve been looking for LGG on your behalf every time I go into a bookstore. You’ll be happy to know it was still on the New Release table at my local B&N as of a few days ago.

    Molly, your cover is in-freakin’-credible! I love it! You must be so thrilled!

    Congrats to Jenny on making #1! And to Hillary and Elise for the great reviews on DEVOTED — WOO-HOO!

    Good week, y’all. 🙂

  2. Oh, Miss Molly–Look at that COVER!! It is so gorgeous. Woohoo!

    Thank you, Linda, for checking in on the placement status of LGG–Can’t wait to do the same for you and the rest of my Deb sisters! And with Rachel’s news, I’ll get to do that even sooner now!

    Great news everyone!

  3. Erika — are you signing the stock? Always sign the stock! I got to HD’s signing at the Grove early so I could sign their Populazzi copies, and they put a little “autographed” sticker on them. I went to another book store and they — horror! — didn’t carry Populazzi. I considered a panic attack, but instead I went to an employee and said (as I bought several other books), “I want to give you my card, because I’m so sad my book isn’t in your store.” His response? “Let’s fix that!” He ordered five copies and wants me to come in next week to sign them!

    Bookstores are our friends!

    And thanks for the DEVOTED shout-out!

    1. Hi Elise! You are so right–I need to do this–yes! Just the other day my husband was scolding me for not being as pushy face-to-face as I could be so now I’m raring to go, pen (and card) in hand!

  4. Woohoo! And there’s the first Deb with a new release date – how exciting!

    Molly, love the cover!

    And yes, totally agree on signing stock. I haven’t been doing it lately, but for the first five months my book was out, I think it was harder to find an *unsigned* copy than a signed one!

  5. Thanks, everyone! The first thing that went through my head when I saw it was “It’s So PREEEEEETY” — and my opinion hasn’t changed!

  6. Molly – huge congrats on that cover, it’s gorgeous!
    and Yay, Rachel – we’ll get to read (and launch) your book even sooner. HOORAY!!!

    Great news, Jenny – keep at it, girl!

    Now I’m off to mix some milk duds into my NyQuil martini. Mmmm cherry chocolate medicated alcohol goodness!

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