News Flash, October 26

Deb Tiffany’s novel, The Little Giant of Aberdeen County, has been chosen by Borders for its Original Voices picks. Look for it during January on the Borders website and also on display in their stores!

Deb Gail is still busy promoting CANCER IS A BITCH. On Thursday she spoke at the UW Medical School. The live link is here. She was interviewed on here. Also interviewed for an article on On a live call-in show on WCVX-AM “Let’s Just Talk” some time next week. Will be speaking at the Wisconsin Women’s Health Foundation annual Research Luncheon in Milwaukee on Tuesday October 28th. On Wednesday October 29th she will be on a live radio show “Health Issues Today” on WRFG-FM from 5-5:30 pm CST. Also speaking at a special benefit the Ultimate Spa Salon’s Scret Garden on Thursday October 30th. And the CIAB t-shirts have a taken on a life of their own… more to come about that… and if you’d like a peek at her Milwaukee TV interview from last week it’s here!