News Flash: Salons, Conferences, Events, and Paree

Congrats to Jenna, who won a signed copy of A PINCH OF OOH LA LA from Renee Swindle!


From the 2014 Debs…

Speaking of ooh la la…guess where Heather was this week?


Lisa Alber is having a blast at Killer Nashville. Also, silly her, she likes that her bio was included on the Left Coast Crime Crimelandia committee page. Fun to be helping out with that conference coming up in Portland in March, 2015!

Susan Gloss says “pinch me!” As part of a literary Salon series for Madison women’s magazine BRAVA, Susan will be doing a salonvintage fashion photo shoot for their October issue, complete with hair and makeup and a stylist.
Ooh la la!

Lori Rader-Day finished the first draft of her next book, LITTLE PRETTY THINGS, this week, so that’s really all she wants to talk about. But she also did an event at Chicagoland’s mystery bookstore, Centuries and Sleuths Looking ahead, is anyone in Pittsburgh?

Natalia Sylvester got the crazy idea that it’d be fun to read at One Page, a monthly literary salon in Austin where writers read one page of a WIP. That’s right—rough, unpolished, drafts. She’s both excited and terrified. She also confirmed one more reading, the last in her “official” book tour for CHASING THE SUN, in Austin on Sept. 25!

Heather Webb is recovering from an intense, yet exciting research trip to Paris. She’s also prepping for her launch of BECOMING JOSEPHINE in Holland next month, and RMFW, one of her favorite conferences in Denver in two weeks.


Author: Lori Rader-Day

Lori Rader-Day is the author of the mystery THE BLACK HOUR (Seventh Street Books, July 2014). She grew up in central Indiana, but now lives in Chicago with her husband and very spoiled dog.