News Flash–Spring Forward Edition


newsCongratulations to John, winner of 

Michelle Hoover’s BOTTOMLAND!

Check back next week, where we will announce the winner of this weeks giveaway, former Deb Heather Webb’s THE FALL OF POPPIES!

From the 2016 Debs:

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Louise Miller has spent this quiet publishing week either at work or in bed, full of NyQuil, reading.

Jennifer S. Brown has been writing and rewriting articles for publication around the time of her novel release. She didn’t realize just how much not-novel writing there was in publishing a novel.

Heather Young has spent the week fretting over whether anybody who’s actually published a book will read hers and give her a blurb. So far, the answer is no. This was the WRONG month to give up sugar and booze.

Abby Fabiaschi spent much of the week on taxes and mortgage paperwork for her upcoming move to Connecticut, but she did manage to squeeze in a working dinner with her doctor neighbor who helped determine the right disease to give a character in ANYTHING HELPS.

Aya de Leon has been binge watching season 1 of UNreal on her iPad, while she sends out requests to other, more high profile writers to read UPTOWN THIEF and give her a positive quote (a “blurb”). Everyone has their way of dealing with anxiety.

For Writers

Here are some of the best things we saw on the internet this week:

*  Edward Carey has a really cool way to spark his creativity: he draws his characters. Try it and see what happens! Drawing Inspiration

*  Here’s a fascinating interview with the reclusive, enigmatic, utterly anonymous Elena Ferrante, in the Guardian: Elena Ferrante on Anonymity and the Writing Life

*   Some great tips for writers on how not to piss off book bloggers when asking for a review, via Cinthia Ritchie’s excellent blog and book blogger Julie Valerie: How Not to Piss Off Book Bloggers

*  Why promoting your book is the most “wonderful/awful” and “the best/most terrifying thing” you’ll ever do, by Summer Brennan on Literary Hub: The Things We Do to Promote Our Books

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