News Flash: VINTAGE Week, To-do Lists & Recuperation

Window display for VINTAGE at Room of One's Own bookstore in Madison, Wis.
Window display for VINTAGE at Room of One’s Own bookstore in Madison, Wis.

Congrats to Mary who won a signed copy of KILMOON from Lisa Alber!

From the 2014 Debs…

Susan Gloss had a fabulous launch week for VINTAGE, topped off with a book party last night. Guests came in their finest vintage attire and Susan signed loads of books. Pictures soon!

Lori Rader-Day spoke at her alma mater, Ball State University, this week while her publicists talked behind her back about where ARCs of THE BLACK HOUR were going for reviews and which Midwestern towns she should visit. It’s ON.

Natalia Sylvester is in planning mode galore, gearing up for a blog tour that starts in June. She’s also in waiting mode galore—many things in the works, which she hopes she’ll soon be able to confirm and share. But not just yet!

Heather Webb  gaped at the 450 book clubs who entered to win copies of BECOMING JOSEPHINE. She hopes the winners enjoy the book!

Lisa Alber is recuperating from KILMOON’s book launch last week. Holy cow, what a blast that was! This week she’s pondering her to-do list. Why is it still a zillion items long? Her blog tour continued with posts at Criminal Minds, Shelf Pleasure, and Susanna Calkins’ blog.

Author: Lori Rader-Day

Lori Rader-Day is the author of the mystery THE BLACK HOUR (Seventh Street Books, July 2014). She grew up in central Indiana, but now lives in Chicago with her husband and very spoiled dog.