News Flash–Deb in Progress Edition


newsCheck back next week, where we will announce the winner of this weeks giveaway–Connie Mayo’s THE ISLAND OF WORTHY BOYS


From the 2016 Debs:

Louise Miller is off in launch party planning daydreams (and knee-deep in emails to venues and caterers.)

Jennifer S. Brown is working on lining up speakings and readings. If you’d like her to visit your book group, either in person or via Skype, she’d love to join you!

Heather Young is feeling like she should be planning a launch party and lining up speakings and readings, but she isn’t. She did finish her acknowledgements page this week, though, and finalized her flap copy, and finished most of her author questionnaire, so she’s feeling relatively productive.

IMG_3597Abby Fabiaschi submitted copy edits for I LIKED MY LIFE and is chipping away at revising WHATEVER HAPPENED TO LUCY BISCARO? The highlight of her week was meeting the amazing Karen White, Beatriz Williams, and Lauren Willig. THE FORGOTTEN ROOM is a stellar collaboration between three clever writers.

Aya de Leon spent the week in a copyediting panic, but got an extension til Monday. The other good news is that she is actually pleased with the book.

For Writers

Here are some of the best things we saw on the internet this week:

* Are you looking for agents who might be looking for you? Women Writers has a great resource in their Agents’ Corner feature: Agents’ Corner

* The Oscars may be dismayingly #oscarstoowhite, but here’s something we can all cheer for as writers and readers: a bunch of the nominated films started as books. Book Riot has your handy guide right here: The Book Lovers’ Guide to the Oscars

Places to Submit

New Madrid journal is seeking submissions of fiction, poetry, and essays for their upcoming, open-themed summer 2016 issue. Quality is the determining factor for acceptance. Deadline for submissions is March 15, 2016. Details and guidelines at wants you to write a funny story in 500 words or fewer. Visit for more information and to submit your work.

The web site Electric Literature is open to submissions of personal and critical essays, as well as humor, that reflect on the world of reading, writing, literature, and storytelling in all its forms. Payment for essays & humor pieces is $40. Most essays they publish fall between 1500-5000 words. For more details, visit

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