Newsflash: January 20, 2013

From the 2013 Debs…

Deb Kerry has news aplenty! For one thing, she has in her possession an actual copy of Between, which she has been carrying around to show to strangers and random passers-by. On Monday she’ll be starting a two week blog tour – you can follow along on her website for details on daily blogs, reviews, and prizes! On Thursday, January 24th, she’ll be hanging out with sister Knight Agency authors Leigh Evans and Erin Knightley for a Q&A Twitter chat! Also, hold onto your exclamation marks because she has been using more than her fair share of late!!!!

Deb Susan is getting ready to launch her author website and looking forward to a visit from Deb Kerry’s friend the Random Penguin, who’s on tour promoting the launch of BETWEEN!


Past Deb News

Deb Eileen Cook received a fantastic review of THE ALMOST TRUTH at Mostly YA Lit – Congratulations Eileen!

Deb Tawna Fenske’s BELIEVE IT OR NOT was named one of the Best Adult Fiction Reads of 2012 by the Harris County Public Library. Go, Tawna!


Deb Dish – Tell us something unusual about you – something people would be surprised to hear!

Deb Amy: If I need to wear socks I wear them inside out. I don’t like the seams. It’s a princess and the pea kind of thing, only I’m not a princess, and there usually no peas in my socks. Just seams.

Deb Dana: I don’t like cream cheese. I’ll eat it in things — I loooove cheesecake and cream cheese frosting– but I can’t eat it plain. I would never, ever put it on a bagel. Considering I eat pretty much everything, I will admit it’s a weird thing not to like, but I can’t do it. Blech.

Deb Kelly: When I lived in NYC I was a docent at the Museum of Natural History on the weekends. I am a secret science nerd. My favorite hall was Ocean Life but I can hold my own in the dino halls and the cosmic pathway too. Things get murky in Meteorites.

Deb Kerry: I am adept at Pig Latin and Double Dutch. Also, when we were kids my friend Janelle and I were working on an underwater language so we could have secret communication in the swimming pool. It was fun, but I fear that we failed to accomplish this worthy goal. Success at very rapid Pig Latin was the solution.

Deb Susan: I have a deep and abiding love for special pens. Fountain pens, ball point pens – pens generally. I’m planning to buy a Very Special New Pen for signing books when Claws of the Cat comes out, and I’m enjoying the hunt for the Perfect Author Pen.


Your Turn!! Tell us your dirty little secrets….or at least something fun about you!

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