News Flash – July 25

Simply From Scratch is a bestseller in Germany! Weiß der Himmel von dir entered the Spiegel Bestseller list at number 35 last week. Additionally, Thalia, a German bookstore chain, chose it as its Book of the Month for August. Simply From Scratch‘s official sale date in North America is August 5. To pre-order, click here. And to view the German trailer, click here. (The text reads, “Two happy people/An unhappy accident/The end of the world/A new beginning/With a special ingredient: friendship/For all fans of P.S. I LOVE YOU.” The music is a loop from “Hawks in the Orchard,” a song off Alicia’s second album, Orchard.

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  1. You are a pianist too?! I am officially impressed. Next up, you will reveal that you are also an accomplished landscape artist. 🙂 So so exciting about the Germany stuff–and I do love that German cover, too. Congrats on all the excitement in your world! xo

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